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Farm Crops Department Photographs, 1919-1960

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P130:01-P130:02. 1.
Barnyard grass seedlings; Jean Dawson's file. circa 1955.
P130:03-P130:04. 1.
Phorium plants. circa 1960.

Brief article on phormium cultivation on the Oregon Coast taped to the back of P130:3

P130:05. 1.
Barn and hay loading. circa 1960.
P130:06. 1.
Grass seed plants. circa 1960.
P130:07. 1.
Harvesting; harvesters; grass seed. circa 1960.
P130:08. 1.
Irrigation. circa 1960.
P130:09. 1.
Grass seed packaged. circa 1960.
P130:12. 1.
Field with grass seedlings. circa 1960.
P130:13. 1.
Bull eating alta fescue. circa 1960.

Graffiti on front of photo in pen: that is a lot of bull

P130:14. 1.
Apparatus used for exposure of seedlings to EPTC vapors consisting of a ring jelly mold, 1 quart oil can, and a plastic bag. circa 1955.
P130:15. 1.
Barnyard grass seedlings germinated on the surface of firmly packed soil under sealed plastic bag. circa 1955.
P130:16. 1.
Representative 7-day-old seedlings germinated in rolled paper towels moistened with water, indicated ppm EPTC. circa 1955.
P130:17. 1.
Seventeen day old barnyard grass seedlings with emerged from soil having 3-6 ppm of EPTC. circa 1955.
P130:18. 1.
Set-up used to germinate barnyard grass seeds in solution containing EPTC. circa 1955.
P130:19. 1.
Twin flat fan spray and single flat fan spray. circa 1955.


P130:20. 1.
Quentin Zielinski, Bob Storm, Tex Fraser, Huge Kruger, Lyle Calvin, Wilson Foote, Ernst Doernfeldt, Jerry Li, J.R. Cowan, Paul Bernier, and Ralph Bogart. circa 1960.

Another print of this image, labeled P130:20cn, was made from a copy negative of the original print

P130:21. 1.
Oregon Experiment Station. 1923.

field scales.

P130:22. 1.
Mr. H.A. Schoth standing in the original planting of alta fescue on the West Farm, Oregon State College, Corvallis, Oregon. 1955.

Another print with this number, labeled P130:22, Tall fescue: showing bagging and tagging procedures by J. R. Cowan in controlled breeding experiment.

P130:23. 1.
Dr. J.R. Cowan examining nine days regrowth on culture 237. Picture taken January 11,1955. Plant was clipped on January 2.
P130:24. 1.
Cutting Vetch. June 4, 1919.

horse drawn equipment

P130:25. 1.
Vetch. 1919.

horse drawn equipment

P130:27. 1.
Horse drawn equipment. 1922.
P130:28. 1.
Coos County 1925, home-made machine (horse drawn equipment).
P130:29. 1.
Coos County 1925, home-made machine (horse drawn equipment).
P130:31. 1.
Horse drawn flatbed wagon. 1926.
P130:32. 1.
Horse drawn equipment. 1926.
P130:33. 1.
Mower equipped with swather and buncher. 1927.

horse drawn equipment

P130:34. 1.
Horse drawn equipment and tractor. 1927.
P130:35. 1.
Horse drawn equipment and tractor. 1927.
P130:36. 1.
Horse drawn equipment. 1929.
P130:37. 1.
Artichoke digger. 1929.

horse drawn equipment

P130:39. 1.
Horse drawn equipment. 1944.
P130:41. 1.
Farm machinery for haying. 1929.
P130:42. 1.
Combine. 1929.
P130:43. 1.
Precision seeder banding fertilizer and sowing seed above the fertilizer bands. June 1960. photo mounted with corner tabs with caption
Negative no. S-236-6-60
P130:44. 1.
Close-up of seeding and fertilizer banding units of precision seeder as set up to seed in two 36-inchrows. June 1960. photo mounted with corner tabs with caption
Negative No. S-237-6-60
P130:45-P130:47. 1.
Dr. Frakes. circa 1955. negatives only

Frakes in laboratory and green house