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Western Farmer (publication) Photographs, 1915-1922

Scope and Content Note

The Western Farmer Photographs include a variety of images depicting rural life and small-scale agricultural production during the early twentieth century. The photographs include documentation of livestock in the field and for show; children at play; produce being grown and displayed; farm equipment; and men and women engaged in various forms of agricultural labor. The collection also contains a series of images showcasing dishes created with cottage cheese as a main ingredient.

While most of the photos in this collection are annotated, few contain dates. Most appear to have been taken in the 1910s and 1920s. Likewise, from the annotations, one can gather that most of the images document agricultural activity in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Along with textual annotations on their reverse, many of the collection's photos have been marked on the obverse by copy editors with the intent of cropping, shading and/or enlarging an image prior to placement for print in the magazine.

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