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College of Forestry Photograph Collection, 1910-2006

Historical Note

The first forestry class was taught at OAC in 1896. Ten years later, the first four year degree program in Forestry was established. Forestry was elevated to school status in 1913, with George Peavy as its first dean, and became a college in 1984. Graduate work was authorized in 1921; the Ph.D. program began in 1959. The Deans of the College have included: George Peavy (1910-1940), Earl G. Mason (1936-1942), Paul M. Dunn (1942-1955), Walter McCulloch (1955- 1966), Carl H. Stoltenberg (1967-1990), George W. Brown 1990-2000), Hal Salwasser (2000-2012) and Thomas Maness (2012-present). Several departments have been formed within the College to address specific areas in forestry. These departments are: Forest Engineering, Forest Management, Forest Products, Forest Resources, Forest Science, and Resource Recreation Management.

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