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Agricultural Experiment Station Photographic Collection, ca. 1900-1988

Scope and Content Note

The bulk of the collection is a group of photographs from the John Jacob Astor Branch Experiment Station documenting its various research programs including the Northrup Creek Grazing Experiment, dairy cattle breeding and management, forage crops development, beef cattle production, and tussock (and other) weed control.

Other images of especial note in the collection are photographs of Asian pears and their marketing taken by Frank Charles Reimer, Superintendent of the Southern Oregon Experiment Station, during a 1917 trip to China.

This collection includes a variety of photographic forms including (in order of decreasing prominence): b/w prints; b/w negatives; color slides; color prints; and color negatives. Most of the b/w prints are 5x7 or smaller. The b/w negatives include a large number on nitrate-based stock which are stored separately. The collection includes original camera negatives for many of the b/w prints; there are also a substantial number of negatives without accompanying prints. The color negatives are from the mid-1940s and show some color shift. There are no prints of these negatives.

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