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Agricultural Experiment Station Photographic Collection, ca. 1900-1988

Historical Note:

The John Jacob Astor Experiment Station was established in 1913 at a site 4 miles southeast of Astoria in Clatsop County to conduct agricultural research under coastal conditions, specifically to investigate and demonstrate agricultural possibilities of reclaiming and utilizing tidelands and logged-off lands. The Northrup Creek Grazing Experiment was begun in 1936 on the site of one of the Tillamook forest fires to study the seeding, fertilizing, grazing, and management of logged-off and burned-over timberlands and the effects of grazing on reforestation. The project continued until the early 1950s. The John Jacob Astor Station was closed in 1972. Herbert B. Howell served as Station superintendent from 1934 until 1965 and Elmer Dent as Assistant Superintendent in 1946-1954.

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