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Mary Jo Nye Papers, 1986-1997

Books by Mary Jo Nye

  • Nye, Mary Jo. Molecular Reality: A Perspective on the Scientific Work of Jean Perrin. London, England: Macdonald; New York, NY: American Elsevier 1972.
  • Nye, Mary Jo. The Question of the Atom: From the Karlsruhe Congress to the First Solvay Conference. 1860-1911. A Selection of Primary Sources. Los Angeles, CA: Tomash Publishers; New York, NY: American Institute of Physics 1984.
  • Nye, Mary Jo. Science in the Provinces: Scientific Communities and Provincial Leadership in France, 1860-1930. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press 1986.
  • Nye, Mary JoRichards, Joan L. and Stuewer, Roger H.. The Invention of Physical Science: Intersection of Mathematics, Theology, and Natural Philosophy Since the Seventeenth Century. Essay in Honor of Erwin N. Hievbert. Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science. Volume 139. Dordrecht, Netherlands; Boston, MA: Kluwer Academic Publishers 1992.
  • Nye, Mary Jo. From Chemical Philosophy to Theoretical Chemistry: Dynamics of Matter and Dynamics of Disciplines, 1800-1950. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press 1993.
  • Nye, Mary Jo. Before Big Science: The Pursuit of Modern Chemistry and Physics, 1800-1940. New York, NY: Twayne Publishers, Simon-Schuster 1996; Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press 1999.
  • Krishnamurthy, Ramesh S. and Nye, Mary Jo. The Pauling Symposium: A Discourse on the Art of Biography. Proceedings of the Conference on the Life and Work of Linus Pauling (1901-1994). Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University Libraries Special Collections 1996.
  • Nye, Mary Jo. The Cambridge History of Science: The Modern Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 5 Cambridge, England; Melbourne, Australia; New York, NY: Cambridge University Press 2003.
  • Nye, Mary Jo. Blackett: Physics, War, and Politics in the Twentieth Century. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press 2004.
  • Nye, Mary Jo. Michael Polanyi and His Generation: Origins of the Social Construction of Science. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press 2011.

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