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Arthur S. King Papers, 1931-1972

Biographical Note:

Arthur Solomon King was born 13 September 1906 and was raised on a farm north of Corvallis. He graduated from Oregon State Agricultural College with a BS degree in Agriculture in 1928, and earned a Masters of Science Degree in Soils, also from OSAC in 1930. In September of 1928 King was appointed to a Teaching Fellowship in the Department of Soils. He took a leave from that position from June to December 1929 to serve as District Agricultural Extension Agent for Baker, Union and Wallowa Counties. King returned to campus in January 1930 and assumed his Fellowship until June 1930. He was appointed as the Soils-Extension Specialist in August of 1930, the first person to fill this position full time. King took a leave of absence from July of 1952 to July of 1954 and worked for the National Security Agency in Washington, D.C.

King was long associated with the Oregon Water Resource Congress, serving as secretary from 1943 to 1949. He was known nationally for his work to improve soil and water resources through irrigation and land drainage, the application of fertilizers and lime, in soil judging and in improved land use. In July 1972, King retired from OSU and was honored with the title of Professor Emeritus of Soil Science, a position he held until his death in October 1972. He was survived by his wife, Geraldine; daughter, Mrs. Carol Nelson; and son, James A. King.

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