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Artist's depiction of a Reactor-Thermoelectric Lunar Power Plant, ca. 1960s.
Artist's depiction of a Reactor-Thermoelectric Lunar Power Plant, ca. 1960s.
Leonard M. Maki Nuclear Power Collection (MSS Maki). (Click to enlarge)

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History of Science - Online Audio/Video

A small sampling of the video and audio materials held in our collections that are related to the history of science. For more see the University History, Athletics, Natural Resources and Oregon Multicultural Archives video and audio pages.


Assorted History of Science Films

  • OMSI Dedication and Exhibits, 1967. (0:20:28) Included are dedication remarks delivered by Secretary of Agriculture Orville L. Freeman; a demonstration of an exhibit model highlighting the potato industry in Oregon; and close-ups of full-size exhibits on grass, snow, soil, turkeys, eggs, onions, milk and apple juice. The film likewise includes footage of antique agricultural equipment, and exhibit pieces being prepared.

Global Warming Colloquium, April 26, 1991

    Sponsored by the OSU Biology Department.

  • Part 1: Robert Dickson and Robert Charlson. (1:21:58) A colloquium focused on biological aspects of climate change. Speakers and topics included here in Part 1 are: Robert Charlson on marine phytoplankton as indicators of global change; and Robert Dickinson on predictions, uncertainties, and biological feedbacks associated with global climate modeling. The recordings also include introductions by Stella Coakley and George Keller.
  • Part 2: Pamela Matson and Christopher Field. (1:22:51) Part 2 features Pamela Matson on trace gas emissions relating to climate change; and Christopher Field on the effects of increasing carbon dioxide on terrestrial ecosystems.
  • Part 3: Simon Levin and David Wake. (1:21:42) Part 3 features Simon Levin on problems of scale in ecology; and David Wake on worldwide amphibian decline.
  • Part 4: Peter Glynn. (0:46:02) Part 4 features Peter Glynn speaking on the responses of coral reefs to global warming events.

Linus Pauling Documentary Histories

Linus Pauling Films from OSU

"Linus Pauling Interviewed by Ron Lovell" - three interview segments recorded by OSU News and Communication Services in Lake Oswego, Oregon. October 13, 1983.

Donation of the Pauling Papers

Other Pauling Films

Linus Pauling-Related Conferences and Special Events

  • "The Scientist as Educator and Public Citizen: Linus Pauling and His Era," October 29 - 30, 2007. A two-day conference held at Oregon State University's LaSells Stewart Center marking the sixtieth anniversary of the publication of Linus Pauling's General Chemistry and the fiftieth anniversary of Linus and Ava Helen Pauling's first public appeal for a ban on nuclear weapons testing.
  • "A Liking for the Truth: Truth and Controversy in the Work of Linus Pauling," February 28, 2001. A conference celebrating the one-hundredth anniversary of Linus Pauling's birth, held at Oregon State University's LaSells Stewart Center. The symposium touched on a wide range of topics related to Pauling's extraordinary - and, at times, tumultuous - legacy as a scientist and peace activist.
  • The Essential Bond, June 12, 1999. A stageplay based on the life of Linus Pauling. Presented by the Youth Division of Soka Gakkai International - USA, the play was produced in conjunction with the traveling exhibit "Linus Pauling and the Twentieth Century," also developed by SGI-USA. This recording of the play was performed at the Garland Theater of the Polytechnic School, Pasadena, California. A reading of the play was later held at Oregon State University in conjunction with the Pauling Centenary Celebration in February 2001.
  • "The Life and Work of Linus Pauling (1901-1994): A Discourse on the Art of Biography," February 28 - March 2, 1995. A symposium held at Oregon State University's LaSells Stewart Center to celebrate and discuss the remarkable life and legacy of Dr. Linus Pauling, who had died the previous August. The aim of the symposium was to convene three groups of speakers: scholars and journalists who had been writing about Linus Pauling as a biographical subject; friends and colleagues who knew Pauling personally; historians and archivists who have studied scientists as the subject of contemporary scientific biography. The conference keynote address was delivered by Dr. Francis Crick.
  • Limited Test Ban Treaty panel discussion October 11, 2013. (1:20:31) A panel convened on the fiftieth anniversary of the Limited Test Ban Treaty and featuring speakers Christopher McKnight Nichols, Jacob Darwin Hamblin, Joseph Orosco and Tim Naftali.

Linus Pauling Legacy Award Lectures

The Linus Pauling Legacy Award is granted once every two years for outstanding achievement in an area of study once of interest to Dr. Linus Pauling. The Pauling Legacy Award is sponsored by Oregon State University Libraries.

The Linus and Ava Helen Pauling Peace Lectureship

The Ava Helen Pauling Lectureship for World Peace was jointly established in 1982 by Dr. Linus Pauling and the OSU College of Liberal Arts in memory of Mrs. Pauling's multi-decade commitment to issues of peace and civil liberties. In 1995 the Lectureship was renamed to include Linus Pauling, who had died in August of the previous year.

OSU Libraries Resident Scholar Lectures

The Resident Scholar Program, sponsored by Oregon State University Libraries, awards stipends of up to $2,500 per month, renewable up to two months (for a total maximum grant award of $5,000). Stipends are granted to researchers whose proposals detail a compelling potential use of the materials held in the OSU Libraries Special Collections & Archives Research Center.


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