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Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers, 1873-2013

13. Biographical. 1910-1996.

Holdings in this vast section -- arranged both according to subject and format -- document a number of themes from Linus Pauling's remarkable, complex life. An eclectic array of manuscript and typescript materials, correspondence, notebooks, newspaper clippings, government documents, legal documents, tax documents and receipts have been sorted into sub-sections labeled Academia, Political Issues, Legal, Business & Financial, and Personal Materials & Family Correspondence. In addition, over 2,700 pages of loose-leaf scrapbooks compiled by the Paulings have been cataloged on the item level and reside in the Biographical section. Digital versions of the Pauling FBI files and scrapbooks are available upon patron request.

317 boxes

4. Business and Financial, 1930-1998.

Boxes 4.071 - 4.080 (Page: 71 - 80)

Check Registers, 1934-1940.
Check Registers, 1934-1935.
Check Registers, 1935-1936.
Check Registers, 1936-1937.
Check Registers, 1938.
Check Registers, 1938-1939.
Check Registers, 1939-1940.
Check Registers, 1939-1940.

Check Registers, 1940-1943; Miscellaneous Financial Material, 1929-1938.
Check Registers, 1940.
Check Registers, 1940-1941.
Check Registers, 1940-1944.
Check Registers, 1941-1942.
Check Registers, 1942-1943.
Miscellaneous Financial Material, 1929-1938.

Check Registers, 1943-1949.
Check Registers, 1943-1944.
Check Registers, 1944-1945.
Check Registers, 1944-1947.
Check Registers, 1945-1946.
Check Registers, 1946-1947.
Check Registers, 1946-1949.

Check Registers, 1948-1953.
Check Registers, 1948-1950.
Check Registers, 1950-1953.

Check Registers, 1951-1960.
Check Registers, 1951-1953.
Check Registers, 1953-1954.
Check Registers, 1953-1957.
Check Registers, 1954-1955.
Check Registers, 1955-1956.
Check Registers, 1958-1960.

Check Registers, 1957-1962.
Check Registers, 1957-1959.
Check Registers, 1957-1959.
Check Registers, 1959-1961.
Check Registers, 1960-1961.
Check Registers, 1961-1962.

Check Registers, 1961-1968.
Check Registers, 1961-1963.
Check Registers, 1963-1964.
Check Registers, 1964-1965.
Check Registers, 1965-1966.
Check Registers, 1967-1968.
Miscellaneous Financial Material, No Date.

Check Registers, 1968-1970, 1971-1974, 1979-1981.
Check Registers, 1968-1970.
Check Registers, 1971-1974.
Check Registers, 1979-1981.

Check Registers, 1980-1989.
Check Registers, 1980-1982.
Check Registers, 1983-1989.

Financial Notebooks, 1956-1982, No Date.
Notebook: No Title, [re: records of loans made by LP and AHP] 1956-1964.
Inside in AHP's handwriting: "Ava Helen Pauling/ Linus Pauling/ January 1, 1956/ 3500 Fairpoint/ Pasadena, California" and further down: "We own 75 shares of stock in Mira Loma Water Company. We own 390 shares of stock in W. H. Freeman Company. We own 20 shares stock MayacamasVinyards."
Front cover Inclusions: program for the Industrial Associates California Institute of Technology Conference on Crystallography: Its Role in Science and Technology. February 20 and 21, 1975.
phone numbers for Peggy Wright and Sally Syer;.
letter from LP to Dale Hanst, October 11, 1966, about the Deed of Trust for Pearl M. Jordan and Peggy Jean Holland dated December 31, 1955;.
receipts from Sears, September 19, 1972 and September 22, 1972;.
several pages from another ledger detailing cash payments for 1972;.
correspondence from Mrs. Jordan dated July 2, 1965, March 23, 1966 and September 26, 1966, re: house payments to the Paulings;.
a flyer from The Minority of One, "An Appeal by Recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize," re: the Vietnam War;.
a card from the Soviet Women's Committee for International Women's Day;.
correspondence from Jino Sugita to AHP, No Date;.
payment schedule for a loan to Raymond and Esther Pfan, February 7, 1958;.
payments made to Helga Matson for work, April to May 1962;.
escrow receipt from Mayacamas Vineyards, May 19, 1960;.
Letter from Phyllis [Cammer], February 14, 1964;.
"Household Employer's Social Security Tax Guide," January 1, 1962 and January 1, 1963;.
National Budget Report, 1962-63;.
list of stockholders in W. H. Freeman and Co.;.
NSF notices from First Western Bank and Trust Company for a check written by Pearl M. Jordan to LP and AHP, January 11, 1966 and June 15, 1964;.
elaborate paper cutouts from Asian country;.
correspondence between AHP and Pearl M. Jordan about the Paulings' mortgage on Mrs. Jordan's house;.
"Agricultural Employer's Social Security Tax Guide," January 1, 1963. p.1-5 Payments made on loan to Pearl M. Jordan and Peggy Jean Holland, December 15, 1955 to October 1966. Insertion: Returned check marked "NSF" from Pearl M. Jordan to LP, No Date. p.10-13 Payments made on loans to Jiro Sugita, December 20, 1963, August 1962 and September 25, 1962. Insertion: Correspondence: Jiro Sugita to AHP, No Date. p.15 Entry for David Leopold, January 8, 1976. Insertion: Paper cut outs, No Date. p.16-17 Insertions: cancelled checks and a letter from Pauline Ney, February 2, 1958 re: loan LP and AHP made to Paddies Inc. p.29 Entry for Dorothy Ellen Shriver for 1964. Insertion: Salary for Jiro Sugita, 1963. p.32-33 Insertion: paper cutout, No Date. p.35-36 Salary for Jiro Sugita, April 17, 1962 to August 1964. Missing Pages, No Date. p.39 Salary for Helga Matson, April 7 to June 2, 1962. p.40-41 Salary paid to Florence Carlsson and Hjalmar Alfred Carlsson, May 1, 1960 to April 1, 1961. [Crossed out with black ink]. p.42 Salary paid Anna Leskela, April 1961 to February 1963. [Crossed out with black ink]. p.43 Salary paid Pedro Chavez, July 1961 to January 1962. [Crossed out with black ink]. p.44 Salary paid Philip George Cullom, Jr. June 1962 to December 1964. p.45 Salary paid Thomas Jefferson Underwood, February to May 1964 and Philip George Cullom, Jr, 1965. p.50 Marguerite L. Halhni, from October 15, 1962 to January 15, 1963. p.55-57 Payments made on loan to Gertrude Klause, February 11, 1961. There is a note in LP's handwriting at the top of p.57: "This is not a loan by AHP.". p.67 Salary paid Satoko Sugita, July to October, no year. p.69 "Account for Hiroma Koyama, Aug 1963" Payments received by AHP and paid out for various expenses, from January 1964 to August 18, 1964. p.70 "Contributions to H. R. Fund," all marked out. "Contributions to Virginia Durr Fund" and "PPP Fund." No Date. Back cover Insertions: drawing of plumbing and statement from the Amzie Moore Project, March 1966.
Notebook: Business and Professional Receipts and Expenditures of Linus Carl Pauling and Ava Helen Pauling. 1956-1982.
Inside LP has written "Business and Professional Receipts and Expenditures of Linus Carl Pauling and Ava Helen Pauling January 1, 1956"
Front cover Insertion: contents of box sent and received, April 15, 1986. Section D-G Insertions: correspondence from LP to Mr. and Mrs. Luther A. Williams, June 6, 1958, November 7, 1958 and December 1, 1958. p.2-6 Expenses and receipts from January 8 to August 30, 1956. Insertions: Receipts from: C. P. Stockbridge and Co. Ltd. July 7, 1959; Halfdan Hammerlund, June 18, 1958; Georg Jensen Inc. June 17, 1958, July 30, 1959, February 29, 1959 and July 29, no year; David-Andersen, 1959; and a list of stainless steel ordered from Jensen. No Date. p.9 Receipts from Piedras Blancas service station, 1958. Insertions: 2 lists of expenses from the service station, No Date. p.11 Receipts from the Valois' for July and August, 1961. p.15 Deer Flat Ranch livestock sales, No Date. p.16-17 Investments in residence at 3500 Fairpoint St. Pasadena, CA. from 1964 to 1977. p.18 Payments made to Benjamin Hake, "Buroughs," and on the "Santa Barbara House." No Date. Insertions: Deposit receipt from Edmund Locke and Elizabeth Locke for the purchase of the house at 794 Hot Springs Rd., pest inspection report from Stillwell & Bickmore Termite Control, May 17, 1968. p.19 Payments on house at 794 Hot Springs Rd, purchased from Benji Hake, No Date. p.21 "Cost of New House at Deer Flat Ranch," John Gramble, architect, No Date. p.22 "Payments for materials in 1965". p.23 "Payments made by LP for Deer Flat Ranch house", No Date. p.24-27 Correspondence re: Piedras Blancas property, from Waltman Realty, January 12 and April 24, 1968, between LP and Lillian Evans, March 17 and 19, 1959, and the California Department of Natural Resources, Division of Beaches and Parks, March 20, 1958. p.30 Depreciation of Deer Flat Ranch residence, No Date. p.31 Payments to George and Lillian Albrecht and LP from June 16, 1964 to September 7, 1965. p.32 Total square area of Deer Flat Ranch house and percentage used for professional work, No Date. p.33 "Calculation of Office & Library & Lab Rooms rental, Deer Flat Ranch," July 12, 1966. p.35 "Payments to AHP and L. Pauling by Linda and Barclay Kamb for house at 3500 Fairpoint St, Pasadena, Cal." December 11, 1964 and January 20, 1965. p.37 "New Cabin." 1973. p.38 "Comments on Unitrust." No Date. p.39 "Unitrust, Dec. 1974.". p.40 Receipt for Portola Valley home, June 10, 1969. p.41 "Portola Valley House" purchased June 10, 1969. p.43 Notes on insurance policy purchased September 10, 1973. p.45 "Unitrust, 28 December 1976.". p.47 "Oppenheimer Tax-free Bond Fund Inc." from April 18 to September 8, 1977. p.49 "Rowe-Price Tax-free Income Fund, Inc." value of shares on December 30, 1977. p.51 "Dreyfus Tax-free Fund" started 1977. p.80-81 Loan to Armando Menjivar, February 1970. Insertions: Letter to U.S. Customs Office in Honolulu, HI, July 12, 1973. p.101 Parke-Davis stock purchased in 1960 and Xerox stock given to various organizations December 3, 1977 and November 24, 1977. p.102 "Real property AHP & LP" and income from TIAA in 1976 and 1977. p.103 "8 April 1977 Property of LP & AHP.". p.105 "14 Sept. 1981 List of Investments" from April 24, 1981 to August 31, 1981. p.107 "Deeds and Stocks 6 October 1981.". p.121 "Gifts of Books and Journals." From about 1970 to 1980. p.151 "Kelp as Cattle Feed," September 27, 1960. p.158-165 Silver pieces purchased or given as gifts, several lists from September 26, 1967, May 29, 1968, and from sometime after AHP's death. p.166-177 List of jewelry, No Date. p.200 Payments made to various individuals from June 1960 to October 22, 1960.
Notebook: No Title. [LP account book].
Most of the pages between 1 and 27 have been removed.
Insertions: Receipts, March 1979 to November 1981. Alphabetical Section: Addresses for greenhouses and nurseries, No Date. p.1 Phone numbers for LP (home and office), Cal Polytech and John Motteni, No Date. p.21 [loose from book] "Petty Cash 1979" January 3, 1979 to November 11, 1979.
Notebook: Account book; The Pauling Family Trust (Linus Pauling).
p.1 "Account book The Pauling Family Trust (Linus Pauling)", No Date. p.2 "1982 - Receipts", No Date. p.3-5 "1982 - Expenditures" including taxes, salaries for Steven Rawlings and Susan Rawlings and Social Security taxes, No Date.
Notebook: No Title. [LP account book].
Inside LP has written "Linus Pauling SS [Social Security Number]" and "Investments p.3 on"
C-D Inclusion: Statement of Operations for July 1 1965 to April 30, 1969, from the California Institute of Technology. E-F to G-H "TO BE REIMBURSED/ LP Personal Checks for research" from June 27, 1968 to March 31, 1970. G-H "My research funds at Fund for the Rep. (letter of Ruth V Brooks 22 May 1969)". I-J Correspondence from LP to Ruth Brooks, December 5, 1968, May 14, 1969 and May 15, 1969. M Salary paid by LP to Dorothy Marshall from April 1968 to February 1969, including payments to LP by "The Center", December 1968 and May 1969. 1968-1969. N-O Salary paid to Vance McClure, October 1968 to May 1969, including payment to LP by "The Center" December 1968. p.2 Stock in Scientific American sold by Wells Fargo Brokerage, August 8, 1986. p.3 Merrill Lynch account opened August 1968 with shares in Walt Disney Co. p.5 "Santa Fe B&R Pac Corp." bought August 8, 1986. p.7 "Cupperweld Corp." bought September 19, 1986. p.9 "Pan Am Corp," bought September 19, 1986. p.11 "Black and Decker Corp," bought October 22, 1986. p.13 "Wendy's Intl Inc." picked by LP but never purchased, crossed out. No Date. p.15 "Logicon" picked by LP, bought November 12, 1986 and sold October 9, 1987. Crossed out. p.17 "Metrix" bought November 11, 1986 and sold November 7, 1988. Crossed out. p.19 "Xerox", share price between January 22, 1987 and February 12, 1991. p.21 "Telequest" picked by LP but not bought. Crossed out, No Date. p.23 "Energy Conversion Devices" bought June 24, 1987. p.25 "Goldsavers Money Market Account" purchased between September 8, 1989 and January 15, 1990. p.26-27 Loan to Steve and Sue Rawlings, March 30, 1990. p.84-85 Inclusion: invoice from Lino M. Guslani to LP, paid November 21, 1983, for legal fees on estate of AHP.