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Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers, 1873-2013

12. Peace. 1945-1994.

This section has been partitioned into eight thematic sub-sections that illustrate Linus Pauling's manifold interests in topics of peace and humanism. The Peace holdings include manuscripts and typescripts, correspondence, notes, meeting minutes, non-Pauling publications and other ephemera reflecting the numerous concerns addressed by the Paulings and the international peace movement from the mid-1940s to the mid-1990s. Prominent items include the three-volume bound Bomb-Test Petition to the United Nations, for which Pauling received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1963, as well as a sizeable trove of materials related to Pauling's membership in the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists (ECAS), formed by Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard at the conclusion of World War II. Much of the ECAS content has been digitized and is available for patron use upon request.

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6. Other Peace Activism.

Boxes 6.001 - 6.010 (Page: 1 - 10)

6.001. The Fallout Suits, 1957-1962.

Court Document: "Motion for Leave to File a Brief of Amicus Curiae", Albert Smith Bigelow, William Huntington, George Willoughby, Orion Sherwood; Petitioners vs. United States of America. In the Supreme Court of the United States, October Term, 1957.
Court Document: "Brief on Behalf of Linus C. Pauling, Karl Paul Link, Leslie C. Dunn, Clarence E. Pickett, Norman Thomas and Stephanie May, as Friends of the Court", Albert Smith Bigelow, William Huntington, George Willoughby and Orion Sherwood; Petitioners, vs. United States of America. In the Supreme Court of the United States, October Term, 1957.
Publication:"An Exclusive: Nobel Prize Winner Linus Pauling Answers Edward Teller's Recent Life Magazine Article on 'The Compelling Need for Nuclear Tests,'" I.F. Stone's Weekly, February 24, 1958.
Draft Court Document: "Complaint for Declaratory Judgement and for Injunction", William Bross Lloyd, Jr., Karl Paul Link, Leslie C. Dunn, Clarence Pickett, Norman Thomas, Staphanie May; Plaintiffs, vs. Neil H. McElroy, Lewis L. Strauss, Dr. Willard F. Libby, Harold S. Vance; Defendants. In the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. [Drafted March 12, 1958].
Press Release: "The Fallout Suits", April 4, 1958.
Legal Brief: Earle L. Reynolds v. United States of America, Appeal from the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii, August 1958.
Court Document, Correspondence, Notes: "Complaint for Declaratory Judgment and for Injunction", Leslie C. Dunn, Linus C. Pauling, et al. v. Neil H. McElroy, Secretary of Defense of the United States, Lewis L. Strauss, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of the United States, et. al., 1958.
Typescripts: Affidavit of Linus C. Pauling, 1958.
Correspondence re: The Fallout Suits, 1958-1962.
Assorted LP Notes re: The Fallout Suits.
Publications: "Fallout Suits Omission", Letters to the Editor of The Progressive, separate letters by Norman Thomas, William Bross Lloyd, Jr., and David C. Walen, November [?] 1959.
Offprint: "Memorandum re: Legal Action that may be Taken in Russia, Great Britain and the United States to Prevent Detonation of the Fallout Type of Nuclear Weapons", No Date [1950s].
Court Document: "Reply Brief for Appellants", Linus C. Pauling, et al.; Appellants vs. Neil H. McElroy, John A. McCone, et al.; Appellees. In the United States Court of Appeals, April 12, 1960. [Includes LP annotations].
Court Document: "Petition for Writs of Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit", Linus C. Pauling, et al.; Petitioners vs. Neil H. McElroy, et al.; Respondents. In the Supreme Court of the United States, October Term 1960.

6.002. The Bomb Test Suits, 1962-1964.

Correspondence and Newspaper Clippings re: The Bomb Test Suits, 1962-1964.
Court Document: "Complaint for Declaratory Judgment and Injunction", Linus C. Pauling, et al, Plaintiffs vs. Robert S. McNamara, et al, Defendants, in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, June 21, 1962.
Court Document: "Amendment to the Complaint for Declaratory Judgment and for Injunction", Linus C. Pauling, et al., Plaintiffs vs. Robert S. McNamara, et al., Defendants, in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, October 1, 1962.
Typescript: Affidavit of Linus C. Pauling, 1962.
Court Document: "Brief for Appellants and Joint Appendix", Linus C. Pauling, et al., Appellants vs Roberts S. McNamara, Appellees, United States Court of Appeals, March 15, 1963.
Court Document: "Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit", Linus C. Pauling, et al., Petitioners vs. Robert S. McNamara, et al., Respondents, in the Supreme Court of the United States, October Term 1963.
Soviet Court Document. [?].

6.003. Materials re: World Peace Research Organization, 1958-1960.

Correspondence, Offprints, Newspaper Clippings re: World Peace Research Organization, 1958-1960.

6.004. Hiroshima Appeal, August 6, 1959 (original draft by LP); Hiroshima Peace Declarations, 1961, 1971, 1975, 1986-1994.

Manuscript: "Hiroshima Appeal", original draft by Linus Pauling, August 6, 1959.
Manuscript: "Statement by Linus Pauling", [re: personal objections to the "Report of the Preliminary Session of Fifth World Conference Against A and H Bombs"] August 6, 1959.
Typescripts, Offprints: "The Hiroshima Appeal," August 6, 1959.
Materials re: Hiroshima Peace Declarations, 1961, 1971, 1975, 1986-1994.

6.005. Joint Appeal by Nobel Prize Recipients for Vietnam Settlement, 1965.

Manuscript, Correspondence, Offprints: Joint Appeal by Nobel Prize Recipients for Vietnam Settlement, 1965.

6.006. Assorted Vietnam Peace Research and Activism Materials, 1962-1972.

Correspondence, Newspaper Clippings, Pamphlets re: "An Open Letter to President John F. Kennedy Against U.S. Military Intervention in South Vietnam", The New York Times, April 11, 1962.
Correspondence, Offprints re: "A Report on the 1963 Open Letter for Ending the War and Making Peace in South Vietnam", by Corliss Lamont.
Correspondence, Offprint: No Title, [appeal to McGeorge Bundy for open discussion of U.S. policy in Vietnam] circulated by the Washington University Group, April 6, 1965.
Article: "Vietnam in Focus: Faculty Speaks Out", prepared by the Associated Students of the University of California, Santa Barbara, December 15, 1965.
Offprint: "Scientists' Appeal for Vietnam", June 27, 1967.
Correspondence, Photocopied Reprint: "A Call to Resist Illegitimate Authority", paid advertisement in The New York Review of Books, October 12, 1967.
LP Notes: "My Ideas on Peace Effort of Nobel Peace Prize Recipients", May 27, 1969.
Offprint, LP Notes: "Hostages for Peace Pledge", May 6, 1972.
Correspondence, Offprints re: National Committee to Defend the Rights of South Vietnamese Students, 1972.
Assorted LP Notes and Correspondence re: Vietnam Peace Activism.
Assorted Non-Pauling Materials re: Vietnam Peace Activism.

6.007. Assorted Peace Appeals, 1940-1970.

Offprint: "An Open Letter to Congress", [re: need to combat the Axis Powers] American Defense - California Institute, Huntington Library, Mount Wilson Observatory, 1940.
Typescript, Correspondence: No Title, [re: movement to outlaw the atomic bomb] Committee for Peaceful Alternatives to the Atlantic Pact, 1949.
Offprint: "Open Letter to President Truman", [re: need to ban weapons of mass destruction] February 9, 1950.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Statement for World Peace", November 2, 1951.
Offprint: "The Russell-Einstein Manifesto", July 9, 1955.
Typescripts: "Declaration of Mainau", July 15, 1955.
Typescript: No Title, [re: nuclear test ban] circulated by California Institute of Technology staff members, 1956. [?].
Publication: "In this Age of Crisis - Nobel Laureates Appeal to the Nations", [re: plight of international refugees] published in World Communique, 10, no. 4 (July-August 1957): 3.
Correspondence: No Title, [appeal for a new foreign policy] scheduled for publication in the Washington Post, January 12, 1958.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Statement - Senate Resolution 96", National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, April [?] 1959.
Typescript, Correspondence: "A Statement to the United Nations", Committee for Protection of Foreign Born, 1959. [re: treatment of Mexican immigrants in the United States].
Offprint: "A Statement of Principles for the Defense of Democracy", [re: opposition to McCarthyism] No Date. [1950s].
Offprint: "Agenda for Geneva", [re: support for arms control/disarmament talks] National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, originally published in the Washington Post, March 15, 1960.
Correspondence, Typescripts: "Statement of Personal Attitude Toward Nuclear Testing in Mississippi", [re: petition against nuclear tests in Mississippi salt domes] circulated by Frederic Mellen, 1961.
Offprint, Correspondence, Press Release: "Petition on Death Penalty for Economic Crimes in USSR", Workers Defense League, June 24, 1962.
Offprint: "A Public Appeal -- to be signed by well-known Persons of many Nationalities", International Fellowship of Reconciliation, October 27, 1962.
Typescripts, Correspondence: "Aufruf", circulated by Wolfgang Bartels, 1962.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Nuclear Sharing and NATO", circulated by Salvador Luria and Bernard T. Feld, May 6, 1963.
Correspondence: national advertisement promoting nuclear test ban, signed by Nobel laureates, Citizen's Committee for a Nuclear Test Ban, August 20, 1963.
Offprint, Correspondence: "An Appeal on the Danger to the World of Goldwater's Policies", Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, August 11, 1964.
Offprint, Notes: "Outline of Statement on Weaponry Revolution", [second draft, includes Pauling notes and internal criticisms] circulated by "The Ad Hoc Committee", August 28, 1964.
Offprint: "An Appeal to the President of the United States", [re: need for United Nations recognition of People's Republic of China] Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 1964. [?].
Offprint, Correspondence: No Title, [declaration of Nobel Laureates in support of family planning, delivered to Pope Paul VI] March 18, 1965.
Correspondence, Background Material: No Title, [declaration of Nobel Laureates demanding the liberation of Albert Luthuli from a South African prison] April 3, 1965.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Appeal", [re: need for peace and international cooperation] Preparatory Committee for the World Congress for Peace, National Independence and General Disarmament, May 20, 1965.
Correspondence, Signature List: "The Moral Imperatives for Regulating Birth", June 1966.
Offprint, Notes: "Draft Resolution Proposed at the Round-Table Discussion on the Contribution of UNESCO to Peace on the Occasion of the Twentieth Anniversary of UNESCO", November 1966.
Offprint: "Catholic Bishops assail birth control as millions face starvation", appeal published in the New York Times, sponsored by the Hugh Moore Fund, 1966.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Declaration of the Individuals Against the Crime of Silence", [re: Vietnam War] July 1967.
Reprint, Correspondence: "670 Scientists have Signed this Statement", [re: British scientists against nuclear testing] Scientists Protest Fund, No Date. [1960s].
Offprint: "Pause for Peace", Stanford Medical Community for Peace, May 20, 1970. [?].
Reprint, Offprints, Correspondence, Invitation: "Declaration on Peace and Disarmament, Presented to the President of the 25th Session of the General Assembly and to the Secretary-General of the United Nations on 21 September 1970".
Correspondence, Press Release re: scientists petition against the Defense Facilities and Industrial Security Act, [House Resolution 14864] November 18, 1970.

6.008. Assorted Peace Appeals, 1971-1991.

Offprint, Correspondence: No Title, [New York Times advertisement re: mobilization against the Vietnam War] National Peace Action Coalition, February 14, 1971.
Correspondence: No Title, [New York Times advertisement re: "People's Peace Treaty"] March 7, 1971.
Offprint: "New Scientists' Appeal for Vietnam", July 1971.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Declaration of 13 World Citizens of World Wide Reputation", [re: International Registry of World Citizens] 1971.
Offprint: "Five Questions by Scientists to the Governments and Parliaments of the Industrial Nations", The Gottleib Dutweiler Institute for Economic & Social Studies, June 1, 1972.
Offprint, Correspondence: No Title, [appeal by members of the National Academy of Sciences re: bombing in Indochina] March 1, 1973.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Declaration on Health and Environment", International Organization Justice and Development, August 1973.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Statement", [re: alternatives to western economic systems] January 18, 1975.
Reprint: "Nuclear Hazards", from Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, April 1975.
Correspondence: No Title, [appeal re: Nuclear Safeguards Initiative] May 1975.
Offprint: "New Stockholm Peace Appeal", Presidential Committee Meeting, World Peace Council, May 31 - June 2, 1975.
Offprint: "Appeal to the Scientists of the World", [re: need for nuclear disarmament] World Federation of Scientific Workers, August 1975.
Publication, Correspondence: "Objections to Astrology: A Statement by 186 Leading Scientists", The Humanist, (September/October, 1975): 4-6.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Manifesto -- the Pentagon and the Next War", circulated by T.H. Tetens, 1975.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Statement", [re: "the loss of fundamental human rights in India following the proclamation of a national emergency there on June 26, 1975"] February 1976.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Declaration on the Nuclear Arms Race", Union of Concerned Scientists, December 20, 1977.
Offprint: No Title, [appeal to A.P. Aleksandrov, President of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, protesting the arrest and trial of Anatoly Shcharansky] 1977. [?].
Reprint: "Resolution to End the Arms Race", World Citizens Assembly, 1978.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Resolution Submitted to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, for Consideration at the Jan. 1980 Meeting", [re: support for nuclear disarmament] October 29, 1979.
Petition Form: "The San Francisco Appeal to the United Nations - Admit China Now!", Committee for International Peace Action, No Date. [1970s].
Correspondence: Comité d'action pour la paix [re: demonstration against NATO missiles in Europe], No Date. [1970s].
Offprint: "Declaration of Conscience against United States Policies in Vietnam and the Dominican Republic", sponsored by Catholic Worker, Committee for Nonviolent Action, Student Peace Union and War Resisters League, No Date. [1970s].
Offprint, Correspondence: No Title, [re: expression of solidarity with statement "Four German writers, who live in West Berlin, call for peace", by Thomas Brasch, Guenter Grass, Sarah Kirsch and Peter Schneider] May 1980.
Offprint: "We Are Angry Women", [re: nuclear arms race] sponsored by Women Strike for Peace, published in the New York Times, June 1, 1980.
Offprint: "Is this what the Constitution Intended?", [re: arrest and trial of the Plowshares 8] Plowshares 8 Support Committee, January 10, 1981.
Offprint, Correspondence: "International Peace Petition", circulated by Stewart Meacham and Sidney Lens, January 15, 1981.
Correspondence: No Title, [appeal by LP and Gerhard Herzberg to Leonid Brezhnev protesting the imprisonment of Andrei Sakharov] April 8, 1981.
Offprint: "Palo Alto Nuclear Freeze Resolution", April 19, 1982.
Offprint: "No War Declaration", circulated by Louis Kutner, May 15, 1982.
Offprint: "Peace Manifesto", Tagung Der NobelPreisträger in Lindau (Bodensee), July 1, 1982.
Offprint: "The Dangers of Nuclear War: Declaration of the Pugwash Movement and 97 Nobel Laureates", August 1982.
Offprint: "Declaration on Prevention of Nuclear War", Pontifical Academy of Sciences, September 24, 1982.
Offprint: "Greeting Message to the Standing Conference of Rectors, Presidents and Vice-Chancellors of the European Universities", Hamburg, Germany, November 18-19, 1982.
Offprints, Correspondence: Peace manifestos issued by Food and Disarmament International, 1982 - 1991.
Offprints: "Declaration to the Universities of the World", International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, June 1983.

6.009. Assorted Peace Appeals, 1983-1991.

Offprint, Correspondence: "...Before it is Too Late -- The Brandt Plan", Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, 1983.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Resolution to Achieve a Comprehensive Test Ban by Challenge", introduced by Rep. Barbara Boxer, 1983.
Offprint: No Title, [re: statement of principles issued by winners of Humanist of the Year Award], March 1984.
Offprint: "Scholars Against the Escalating Danger of the Far-Right", October 1984.
Offprint, Petition Form, Notes: "Appeal by International Scientists to Prevent All Weapons for Use in Outer Space", 1984.
Typescript: "To People of Conscience, From the Peace Ship", [re: peace in Nicaragua] 1984.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Resolution Opposing U.S.-Directed Violations of Human Rights and Interference with Scientific Development in Nicaragua", U.S. Out of Central America, March 1985.
Correspondence: Letter to Thomas P. "Tip" O' Neill, [re: ending congressional aid to the Nicaraguan Contras] signed by John Conyers, Jr., George Wald, Betty Williams and Linus Pauling, June 11, 1985.
Offprint, Correspondence: No Title, [re: statement of support for Father Miguel D'Escoto Brockman] U.S. Out of Central America, August 3, 1985.
Offprint: "Appeal by American Scientists to Ban Space Weapons", Union of Concerned Scientists, November 1985.
Offprint, Correspondence, Press Release: No Title, [re: appeal by Nobel Laureates urging President Reagan to suspend U.S. nuclear tests] April 8, 1986.
Offprints, Correspondence, Background Material: Petition for initiative to phase out nuclear weapons production in Oregon, Citizens for a Nuclear Free Oregon, 1986.
Correspondence: "Appeal to Scientists and Students of Science against Military Research and Development", circulated by Eric Wold, 1986.
Offprints, Correspondence: Peace Appeals issued by Friedensrat, 1986-1990.
Offprint, Correspondence: "An Urgent Appeal for Peace from Seoul", August 7, 1988.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Nobel Laureates Issue Appeal for Mideast Negotiation, Mideast Peace", 1988.
Correspondence, Background Materials: Statement of the National Preparatory Committee of the GDR for the formation of nuclear-free zones, 1988.
Offprint: No Title, [re: support for United Nations monitoring of chemical weapons manufacture] endorsed by past and current Presidents of the American Chemical Society, January 30, 1989.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Stop Nuclear Weapons Now - Continue Disarmament", Advisory Committee of the Scientists' Initiative, April 1989.
Background Material: "Star Alliance Declaration and Celebration for World Peace", October 1989.
Publication: "International Appeal of Scientists - Stop Nuclear Armament Now", [re: importance of ratifying INF treaty] Scientific World, 33, 3 (1989): 2.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Appeal for Peace in the Sudan", Associazione Contro Lo Sterminio Per Fame, 1989.
Offprint: "An Appeal on Behalf of Mordechai Vanunu", No Date. [1980s].
Offprint: "Appeal by American Scientists to Prevent Global Warming", Union of Concerned Scientists, February 1, 1990.
Offprint: No Title, [re: need for a democratically organized Federal World Government] World Constitution and Parliament Association, December 12, 1990.
Correspondence: Nuclear-free zone initiative, Alameda County, 1990.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Appeal to the Peace Prize Holders", [re: "protest against preparation for war in the Gulf Area"] 1990.
Offprint: No Title, [re: failure of President George H.W. Bush to appoint members of the U.S. Commission to Improve the Effectiveness of the United Nations] American Leaders for Strengthening World Law, 1990-1991.
Correspondence: "Boston-Münster Appeal", Institute for Peace and International Security, February 1, 1991.
Offprint, Correspondence: "An Urgent Appeal to Lift the Blockade Against Cuba" and No Title, [re: status of Palestinian political prisoners] circulated by Ralph Schoenman, July 1991.
Offprint, Correspondence: "An Urgent Message to President Bush - Bring the Troops Home", Food First, 1991.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Appeal for the United Nations", [re: opposition to the Gulf War] 1991.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Constitution for the Federation of Earth", World Constitution and Parliament Association, 1991.

6.010. Assorted Peace Appeals, 1991-1994.

Offprint, Correspondence: "Scientists and Engineers Call for Peace", Scientists and Engineers for Peace in the Middle East, 1991.
Newspaper Clipping: "An Appeal By 104 Nobel Laureates For Peace in Croatia", New York Times, January 14, 1992.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Appeal to Heads of States and Governments Present at the Rio de Janeiro Conference", [re: support for the objectives of the Earth Summit] May 20, 1992.
Offprint: "Nobel Laureate Call for Cessation of Nuclear Weapons Testing", Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, July 10, 1992.
Offprint, Correspondence: "World Scientists' Warning to Humanity", Union of Concerned Scientists, December 1992.
Correspondence, Offprint: Fourth Freedom Forum appeal for alternative strategies in Iraq, 1992.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Heidelberg Appeal to Heads of States and Governments", [re: scientific ecology] 1992.
Correspondence, Offprint, Background Materials: "Appeal to the Chinese Government on the Third Anniversary of June 4, 1989", Committee to End the Chinese Gulag, 1992.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Appeal to the Israeli Government on Behalf of the 415 Palestinian Deportees", 1992.
Offprint: "Population Environment", The Population Institute, 1992. [?].
Offprint, Correspondence: "A Christmas Message from Nobel Laureates to the World", [re: child labor exploitation] Foundation for International Cooperation, November 1993.
Correspondence: "Appeal to the Conscience of the World", Akademie Graz, 1993.
Correspondence: Appeals made by the War & Peace Foundation, 1993.
Offprints, Correspondence: Campaign for the ratification of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, World Constitution and Parliament Association, 1993.
Offprint, Correspondence: "World Court Project -- Declaration of Public Conscience", International Peace Bureau, 1993.
Offprints, Correspondence: "Recommendation for Achievement of a Multilateral Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban", Parliamentarians for Global Action, 1993.
Correspondence, Reprint: 10 Jahre nach dem Mainzer Appell, Naturwissenschaftler-Initiative "Verantwortung für den Frieden", 1993.
Offprint: "An Open Letter from the Nobel Peace Laureates to the State Law and Order Restoration Council of Burma on the Fifth Anniversary of Aung San Suu Kyi's Arrest", International Centre for Human Rights, June 1994.
Offprint, Correspondence: "A Call to Reason", [re: global overpopulation] circulated by Gerhard Herzberg, July 1994.
Offprint, Correspondence: "Manifesto Against Conscription and the Military System", Gandhi Information Centre, 1994.
Offprint, Correspondence: "International Appeal Toward Prevention of Biohazards", circulated by Shingo Shibata, 1994.
Offprints, Correspondence: "Appeal by Nobel Peace Prize Winners for a Peaceful Solution to the Kurdish Problem in Turkey", circulated by Danielle Mitterrand, 1994.
Assorted Non-Pauling Peace Appeals.