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Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers, 1873-2013

12. Peace. 1945-1994.

This section has been partitioned into eight thematic sub-sections that illustrate Linus Pauling's manifold interests in topics of peace and humanism. The Peace holdings include manuscripts and typescripts, correspondence, notes, meeting minutes, non-Pauling publications and other ephemera reflecting the numerous concerns addressed by the Paulings and the international peace movement from the mid-1940s to the mid-1990s. Prominent items include the three-volume bound Bomb-Test Petition to the United Nations, for which Pauling received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1963, as well as a sizeable trove of materials related to Pauling's membership in the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists (ECAS), formed by Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard at the conclusion of World War II. Much of the ECAS content has been digitized and is available for patron use upon request.

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2. Other Peace Conferences.

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2.011. Assorted Peace Conferences, 1962-1990.

Correspondence, Offprints: "Agreement to Call a World Constitutional Convention", Brussels, Belgium, 1962.
Offprint: "A Proposal: A White House Citizens' Conference on Disarmament", 1962.
Program Documents: World Peace Symposium -- Formation of a Peaceful Conscience in the Atomic Era, Milan, Italy, December 14-15, 1963.
Photograph, Program Documents: Japan Conference for Peace of Asia, Shizuoka, Japan, March 2-3, 1964.
Notes, Correspondence, Program Materials re: Congress of World Unity, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, November 20-25, 1974.
Pamphlet, Correspondence re: In the Common Interest -- Strategies for Peace, San Francisco, June 13, 1981.
Correspondence, Ancillary Material re: Peace Now -- What Can Be Done? Geneva, Switzerland, July 8-9, 1983.
Itinerary, Ancillary Material re: Earth: Word and Image, San Diego, California, September 8-9, 1983. [Conference was cancelled].
Program Documents: Alternatives for Security in a Nuclear Age, Troy, New York, May 31 - June 2, 1984.
Conference Reports: The First International Conference on Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies, Suva, Fiji, December 30, 1985 - January 5, 1986.
Fliers, Publication, Correspondence re: Ways Out of the Arms Race -- International Scientists' Peace Congress, Hamburg, West Germany, November 15-16, 1986;.
Ways Out of the Arms Race, From the Nuclear Threat to Mutual Security -- Second International Scientists' Peace Congress, London, England, December 2-4, 1988.
Correspondence, Publication: The Great Peace Journey, New York, September 21-23, 1988.
Correspondence, Publication: Meeting of the Secretariat of the World Council for Global Co-operation, Toronto, Canada, January 21, 1989.
Correspondence, Ancillary Material re: World Constituent Assembly, World Constitution and Parliament Association, New York, November 19-20, 1990.
Correspondence, Publications, Ancillary Material re: Assorted Peace Conferences.
Correspondence, Publications, Ancillary Material re: Assorted Peace Conferences.