Notes re: Predictions of the Future. Page 1. November 9, 1966
Notes re: Predictions of the Future. November 9, 1966. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 2 pp.

Activity Listings

  • Airline ticket: Alitalia, Paris to Los Angeles [other airline tickets without flight information; possibly for the France-bound flight] [Filed under LP Travel, Box #1.004, Folder 4.2] 
  • French newspaper clipping: "Three 'Nobel' to the weekly meeting of the Academy of Sciences," Le Figaro. [Filed under LP Newspaper Clippings, 1966n.91]
  • Itinerary: LP and AHP leave Paris at 10:45 AM, arrive in Los Angeles at 4 PM; arrive in Santa Barbara at 9:32 PM [Filed under LP Travel, Box #1.004, Folder 4.2] 
  • Letter from A.L. Wirin to LP RE: Informs LP that Professor Henry S. Commager agrees to support Helen Travis with the signature of another well known figure.  Wirin will call LP to discuss the matter further. [Letter from Professor Henry S. Commager to A. L. Wirin November 7, 1966] [Filed under LP Biographical: Legal: Assorted Legal Disputes, 1965-1992: Box # 3.060 Folder # 60.2]
  • Letter from A.L. Wirin, of Wirin, Rissman, Okrand & Posner, to LP . RE: Wirin encloses some of his correspondence with Commager, and says that Commager has agreed to sign the letter with two conditions. [Filed under LP Biographical: Legal, Box 3.060, Folder 60.2]
  • Letter from Howard Kilbride, Associated Students, University of Washington, to LP . RE: The University of Washington has initiated a scientific speakers' program, and they would like to invite LP to speak during his time in the Northwest. [Filed under LP Speeches, Box 1966s2.16]
  • Letter from Reverend Wayne H. Steele to LP RE: Informs LP that he wrote a book on a rational system of ethics entitled The Religion of Beauty which he thinks LP might be interested in reading. [Filed under LP Correspondence Box 384 Folder 384.2]
  • Letter from S.K. Chaudhuri, Consulate General of India, to Florence K. Givens, Secretary to LP . RE: Chaudhuri encloses the necessary visa forms, and says that LP will have to have a different kind of visa due to his invitation from the University Madras. He suggests that they apply for their visas three months before they intend to leave the US. [Filed under LP Speeches, Box 1967s.5]