Letter from Linus Pauling to Frank Catchpool. Page 1. August 9, 1966
Letter from Linus Pauling to Frank Catchpool. August 9, 1966. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 2 pp.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Letter from Florence K. Givens, Secretary to LP, to Mr. Dale E. Hanst RE: Informs that LP and AHP are planning to him at the Golden Tee Motel.  [Filed under LP Correspondence: H: Correspondence, 1966: Box #169, Folder #169.4]
  • Letter from Gunnar Jahn to LP RE: Discusses the war in Vietnam and updates on his work. Asks if he got any reaction from the President of the United States to the appeal signed by eight Nobel Peace Prize winners. [Letter from LP to Jahn August 22, 1966] [Filed under LP Correspondence: J: Individual Correspondence (Jahn, Gunnar): Box #188, Folder #188.2] 
  • Letter from Harry B. Gray to LP RE: Informs of his address change to Caltech. [Letter from Gray to LP August 15, 1966] [Filed under LP Correspondence: G: Individual Correspondence (Gray, Harry): Box #137, Folder #137.6] 
  • Letter from John J. McDermott, Town and Gown Forum, to LP . RE: McDermott has learned that LP will be in Portland on NaN, 3 De and wants to know if LP would consider coming to Gonzaga to give a talk on "The Social Responsibility of Scientists." [Filed under LP Speeches, Box 1966s2.15
  • Letter from LP to Dr. Bruno H. Zimm, University of California, San Diego, RE: LP is compiling an up-to-date bibliography of his publications, which he will send in a few days. [Filed under LP Biographical: Academia, Box 1.036, Folder 36.7]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. Milton Harris, Chairman of the Board, American Chemical Society, RE: Informs that he is grateful to the people of the Pacific Northwest for awarding him the Pauling Medal. Informs that he remembers the many times that they have met. [Letter from Harris to LP July 26, 1966][Filed under LP Correspondence: H: Individual Correspondence (Harris, Milton): Box #152, Folder #152.2]                       
  • Letter from LP to Professor Emile Zuckerkandl Department of Macromolecular Chemistry RE: Congratulates him on being appointed as professor. He's glad that Dr. Zuckerkandl learned to use a dictaphone and explains that he is also using a dictaphone to write this letter from his ranch because he broke his leg. He accepts the invitation to visit Montpellier on 28 and 29 October. And he asks if he could have copies of the article on Molecules as Documents of Evolutionary History, reprints of the Rutgers paper, and copies of the issue of Atomes. [Filed under LP Correspondence: Zuckerkandl, Emile, 1958-1980: Box #465, Folder #465.9]
  • Letter from LP to Professor John R. Doyle, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Iowa, RE: Declines his invitation to speak at the University of Iowa. [Letter from Doyle to LP June 9, 1966][Filed under LP Correspondence: D: Correspondence, 1960-1966: box #99, Folder #99.7] 
  • Letter from LP to Professor Miron Nicolescu President of the Academy of the Socialist Republic of Romania RE: Informs him that he cannot accept the invitation to celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of the Academy of the Socialist Republic of Romania from September 26th to October 2nd. [Filed under LP Correspondence: R: Organizational Correspondence. (Ra - Ro): Box #339, Folder #339.6]
  • Letter from LP to Shanna Bryce RE: Informs he will not speak at the Science Fair Awards Presentation. Discusses his reasons for not accepting any more invitations during the coming academic year. [Letter from Bryce to LP June 10, 1966][Filed under LP Correspondence: B: Correspondence, 1966: Box #41, Folder #41.2] 
  • Letter from Marianne E. Smith to LP RE: Describes some unusual observations she has made in the past few days. [Filed under LP Science: (Assorted Materials re: Other Fields of Science), Box #10.009, Folder #9.1] 
  • Letter from Maurice J. Hoffman, Hoffman Brothers, to LP RE: Enclose a copy of the photograph which he consented to take at the Sarah Lawrence commencement. [Letter from LP to Hoffman September 21, 1966] [Filed under LP Correspondence: H: Correspondence, 1966: Box #169, Folder #169.4]
  • Letter from Mrs. Florence K. Givens Secretary to LP to Professor H. A. Schweigart International Society for Research on Nutrition and Vital Substances RE: Informs him of LP's broken leg and encloses the signed Resolution No. 37. [Filed under LP Correspondence: S: Correspondence, 1966-1967: Box #384, Folder #384.1]
  • Memo from LP to W. H. Ferry RE: Thinks that the statement by Professor Trembley is an excellent one and hopes the Fellowship of Reconciliations will take some action along those lines. Feels that there should be a discussion about how many people their should be in the world and how a rational number of people could be achieved. [Filed under LP Correspondence: F: Individual Correspondence (Ferry, W. H., “Ping”): Box #119, Folder #119.8] 
  • Memorandum from LP to W.H. Ferry, RE: LP thinks that Professor Trembley's statement is excellent, and hopes that it will receive a great amount of discussion. [Filed under LP Biographical: Academia, Box 1.036, Folder 36.5]
  • Receipt from Southern California Edison Company, RE: $13.59. [Filed under LP Biographical: Business and Financial, Box 4.061, Folder 61.2]