Letter from Linus Pauling to J.E.H. Hancock. Page 1. January 21, 1958
Letter from Linus Pauling to J.E.H. Hancock. January 21, 1958. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Cable message from LP to Aurel Potop, RE: LP has received the signatures and has submitted them to the United Nations. An office thank you will follow. [Filed under LP Peace: (An Appeal by Scientists to the Governments and People of the World, 1957-1959), Box #5.002, Folder #2.1]
  • Letter from Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Institute for Muscle Research, to LP. RE: Asks him to join him in a proposal to be put before the Academy of Sciences to invite the Royal Society and Academia Nauk to discuss the line of progressive science. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (Szent-Gyorgyi, Albert and Bronk, D. W.: Correspondence, 1957-1958) #371.2]
  • Letter from J.W. Linnett to LP RE: Apologizes for the delay in responding to LP's letter with the Appeal. Says he would be willing to sign if it wasn't too late. Discusses his views on the effectiveness of simply stopping the tests and what he thinks would be most effective. Handwritten note at top, "Doesn't sign." [Filed under LP Safe Contents: Drawer , Folder 2.001]
  • Letter from John Kendrew, Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, to LP. RE: Informs him of how much he appreciated the invitation to Pasadena. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (Kendrew, John) #197.16]
  • Letter from Mrs. Lewis C. Scheffey, Program Chairman, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Pennsylvania Branch, to LP RE: Ten days ago, sent invitation to LP to speak, along with fellow Nobel Prize winners Clarence Pickett and Pearl Buck, at a meeting in April. Will send a copy of the letter to LP's home. [Letter from LP to Scheffey January 24, 1958, Letter from Scheffey to LP January 30, 1958] [Filed under LP Speeches: 1958s.15]
  • Letter from Unid Watkins, to LP. RE: Completely agrees with his views. Hopes he continues to express them. Invites him to give a paper about radiation hazards at an AAAS meeting. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (W: Correspondence, 1958) #444.6]
  • Note from Max Augeusilien [?] to LP RE: Wishes LP good health, a fighting spirit, and success in his struggle against war. Is written on the back of a photograph of a Macedonian worshiper in a ceremonial rite meant to repel the evil spirits which cause war. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (A: Correspondence, 1958), #13.1]
  • Pamphlet: "Multiple Haemoglobins in the Horse" by A. D. Bangham and H. Lehmann, Reprinted from Nature. [Filed under LP Science: Box #6.009, Folder #9.2]
  • Reprint: "Iodine-131 in Sheep Before and After a Nuclear Reactor Accident," Nature. [Filed under LP Peace: (Materials re: The Biological Effects of Radiation, 1948, 1950, 1955-1959), Box #7.015, Folder #15.12]