Collagen Page 31. October 3, 1953
Collagen October 3, 1953. Page 31  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.

Activity Listings

  • Newspaper Clippings Not Related to Linus Pauling: New York Times newspaper articles entitled "Laborites back H-Bomb Program" and "Soviet Confirms New Atom Tests" and "Yugoslav Urges Ban" RE: discusses an annual conference of the Labor Party in Britain about policies involving the H-bomb. Discusses the issue of the Soviet Union testing the H-bomb.
  • Research Note Books of LP, RNB 14 RE: Notes on collagen and LP's skepticism about the 10-unit in 3 turns helix. Goes on to discuss this in detail. [p. 31-32] [previous info. September 27, 1953, further info. October 9, 1953].