"Westinghouse Diary, 1953" Page 109. 1953
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Travel: Germany

Activity Listings

  • Article from Chemical and Engineering News "Battery Hearings Set Tests Against Testimonials." Discusses the Astin case. [Filed under LP Science: Box 14.023, Folder 23.3]
  • Material from National Committee to Repeal the McCarran Act [LP on letterhead as "Initiator"]. Sends members copies of an Open Letter to President Eisenhower. Asks for a small group of initiators to sign. Also encloses a speech by Philip B. Perlman, who formerly served as Chairman of President Truman's Commission on Immigration and Naturalization. [Letter to Eisenhower July 20, 1953]
  • Memo from A. H. Walter to LP RE: Encloses Amendment 7 to Contract N6onr-24432 between Caltech and ONR. Requests a memo from LP approving this document. [Filed under LP Science: Box 14.032, Folder 32.2]
  • Newspaper Clippings Not Related to Linus Pauling: National Guardian N.Y. newspaper article entitled "Dr. Urey meets the press" RE: discusses Dr. Harold C. Urey's involvement in the Rosenberg case. Discusses his intervention for clemency on behalf of the Rosenbergs. Dr. Urey comments on the situation.