Letter from Linus Pauling to Otto Bastiansen. Page 1. December 1, 1952
Letter from Linus Pauling to Otto Bastiansen. December 1, 1952. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • AHP writes cheque to: Byron C. Hopper amount: $10.00 [Filed under LP Biographical: Box #4.021, Folder #3]
  • Letter from Ed A. Doisy to LP RE: thanks LP for sending the materials that he requested. [Letter from LP to E. A. Doisy November 19, 1952].
  • Letter from LP to C.F. Heeschen, RE: LP was pleased with his visit to Meadville and thanks Heeschen for the clippings from the student paper. [Filed under LP Speeches: (Speeches by Linus Pauling, 1953), Box 1953s, Folder 1953s.16]
  • Letter from LP to Hilda Brand, RE: LP is thanking Brand for her kindness to LP and AHP while they were in Rehovoth. LP hopes that he and AHP will be in Jerusalem for about three weeks. [Brand’s letter November 22, 1953] [Filed under LP Speeches: (Speeches by Linus Pauling, 1953), Box 1953s, Folder 1953s.15]
  • Letter from LP to M. Sela, RE: LP thanks Sela for sending him the reprint from the Jerusalem Post. LP will not be able to see Mr. Weisgal when he is Los Angeles because LP is leaving soon for a trip to India. [Sela’s letter November 18, 1952] [Filed under LP Speeches: (Speeches by Linus Pauling, 1953), Box 1953s, Folder 1953s.15]
  • Letter from Mohammed Kira of Egypt to LP RE: writes that he is interested in applying for one of their one year scholarships as a research chemist in the organic chemical laboratory. Goes on to describe his educational, research and work experience. [Letter of response from LP to Mr. Kira December 15, 1952] [Filed under K: Correspondence 1952, Box #200, Folder #17]
  • Letter from Mr. Charles M. Apt RE: refers to a suggestion from 11-5-? letter from LP concerning research fellowship application to Cancer Research Foundation. Mentions having spoken to Prof. D.P. Shoemaker about "search for a suitable problem in the structure of proteins." Mentions Shoemaker's proposal that Apt look into Todd's proposed structures of nucleic acids in light of LP's work with Dr. Corey and polypeptides. Asks LP's opinion of the proposal. [includes a January 26, 1952 Qualification for Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship letter of recommendation from L. A. K. Staneley of New College, Oxford, England.] [NOTE: talked with LP in Cambridge. Letter from LP April 9, 1952] [Filed under A: Correspondence 1952, Box #12.18]
  • Letter from Prof. Sir John Lennard-Jones, F.R.S. to LP RE: writes in regard to a letter from Martin Karplus from Gates and Crellin Labs stating that he would like to work in the Theoretical Chemistry group with him there in England. Writes to LP to let him know that he, Sir John Lennard-Jones, will be shortly moving to accept a position as a Principal of a new university. He hopes this will not affect Martin Karplus' plans. [Letter from LP to Prof. Sir John Lennard-Jones December 15, 1952] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #215, Folder #4 (Lennard-Jones, Sir John E.)].