Letter from Linus Pauling to Ben May. Page 1. March 3, 1952
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Activity Listings

  • Letter from Alden H. Emery, Executive Secretary, American Chemical Society, to LP, RE: Writes that he is attaching a letter from Dr. Carter of UNESCO and asks if he can suggest anyone who may be interested. [Letter from Carter to Emery, February 18, 1952] [Box 14.006, Folder 6.4]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. Charles M. Grossman RE: Is interested in helping them with their problem of obtaining some sort of grant for their intern Dr. James Hauschildt. Does not think that it is possible for him to obtain a Guggenheim fellowship because they do not award them to anyone who is a student in any way. However, LP goes on to list a few alternative fellowship possibilities that he is more confidant that Dr. Hauschildt could obtain. [Letter from Mr. Grossman to LP March 1, 1952] [Filed under G: Correspondence 1952, Box #140, Folder #16]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. Max Rogers of Michigan State College RE: Asks for information about some silk fibroin and some photographs of the fibroin by Dr. Rogers that he took while he was at Caltech about ten years ago. LP is currently working on the structure of the fibroins and is curious about the photographic process that Dr. Rogers went through.
  • Letter from LP to John G. Kirkwood RE: writes that he has taken care of all of Prof. Kirkwood's reprint orders. Suggests that now Prof. Kirkwood's office should now handle his reprints and distribution lists, and accordingly sends them to him. [Letter from Prof. Kirkwood to Beatrice Wulf [LP]] February 25, 1952, letter of response from Prof. Kirkwood to LP September 23, 1952] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #198, Folder #12 (Kirkwood, John G.)].
  • Letter from LP to Louis Levine, Office of Naval Research RE: is looking forward to Levine's upcoming visit to Los Angeles, and will discuss questions asked in previous letter with him then. [In reply to letter from Levine to LP February 29, 1952]. [Filed under LP Science: Box 13.004, Folder 4.3].
  • Letter from LP to Mr. Belknap of Owens-Illinois Glass Company RE: doubts that the work mentioned in Mr. Belknap's letter being carried on by Dr. Barber is closely related to that which LP proposed to him. Hopes one of their staff members will visit Pasadena. [Letter from Mr. Belknap to LP February 28, 1952, letter from Mr. Belknap to LP March 21, 1952] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #299, Folder #7 (Owens-Illinois Glass Company)].
  • Letter from LP to Mr. Bull RE: Thanks for the letter, glad to hear that Mr. Bull is now the head of the department at U of Iowa's department of Biochemistry. [Letter from Mr. Bull to LP February 29, 1952] [Filed under B: Correspondence 1952, Box #37, Folder #19]
  • Letter from LP to Prof. L. Reed Brantley RE: LP thanks Prof. Brantley for the letter and invitation to join the Sub-Committee of the Committee on Chemical Education. However, at this time LP is so busy with other jobs that he must decline the invitation in the fear that he could not do justice to it. [Letter from Mr. Brantley to LP March 3, 1952] [Filed under B: Correspondence 1952, Box #37, Folder #19]
  • Letter from LP to William Q. Hull, Associate Editor, Chemical and Engineering News, RE: Thanks Mr. Hull for sending the photograph of Dr. Calvin presenting the Gilbert Newton Lewis Medal to him. States that he is glad to have the photograph and to have received the award. Informs Mr. Hull that he will not be attending the spring meetings this year. [Letter from Hull to LP February 28, 1952] [Filed under LP Speeches: 1951s.19]
  • Letter from Mr. Ben May to LP RE: Sends LP an issue of Cancer Research about carcinogens and cancer. Hopes it will interest LP along with the articles he sent on sickle cell anemia. Promotes the chemotherapy work of a Dr. Huggins. Hopes LP will contact Dr. Huggins so that they might work together. [Letter from Mr. Ben May to LP March 3, 1952, letter from LP to Mr. May March 10, 1952] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #244, Folder #5 (May, Ben)].
  • Letter from Prof. Haakon Haraldsen to LP RE: writes to LP asking if he may visit Caltech between April 1 and April 8. Also suggests that he give a speech at that time on the phase and structure relations of the sulfides, selenides and tellurides of the transition elements in the first long row of the periodic system. [Note in upper right in pencil: "Henston scheduled for April 2."] [Letter from LP to Haakon Haraldsen March 10, 1952] [Filed under H Correspondence: 1952, Box #166, Folder #3]
  • Meeting minutes prepared by Dean Lacey regarding graduate research assistantships at Caltech. [Filed under: LP Biographical, Box 1.018, Folder 18.2]