"A Report on Silk Fibroin." Page 1. February 25, 1952
"A Report on Silk Fibroin." February 25, 1952. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 21 pp.

Activity Listings

  • Letter from Dr. Richard Lippman to LP RE: Explains that the use of LP's official title on the pamphlets for the Committee for Medical Freedom was a result of a misunderstanding. Is deeply sorry and regrets violating LP's wishes. Informs him of the success of the meeting. [Filed under LP Science: Box 14.040, Folder 40.2]
  • Letter from Esther Simpson, Society for Visiting Scientists, London, to LP RE: Invites LP and Corey to attend an informal reception in their honor.
  • Letter from Mr. David M. Keiser of The Sugar Association, Inc., to LP RE: writes that Dr. Henry B. Hass, who is applying for the position of full-time President of their organization has given LP's name as a reference. They ask that LP give them his comments as to Dr. Hass' qualifications for the position. [Letter of response from LP to Mr. Keiser March 18, 1952] [Filed under K: Correspondence 1952, Box #200, Folder #17]
  • Letter from Mr. W. M. Carr of the Eagle Rock Council to LP RE: requests to call on LP in regards to a program designed by the Eagle Rock Council in an effort to support foreign and minority students of American colleges. Asks that LP bring a fund-raising address by Dr. Percy Julian to the attention of other professors. [Letter from LP to Dr. Percy Julian in regard to this letter March 13, 1952] [Filed under C: Correspondence 1952, Box #74, Folder #20]
  • Memo from Dr. E. R. Buchman to LP RE: responds to a letter that LP forwarded to him from W. J. Wiswesser. Gives his opinions regarding Dr. Wiswesser's stance on structure-describing. [related letter from Dr. W. J. Wiswesser to LP February 6, 1952, related letter from LP to Dr. Wiswesser March 18, 1952] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #443, Folder #20].