Letter from Linus Pauling to Robert J. McPherson. Page 1. December 9, 1947
Letter from Linus Pauling to Robert J. McPherson. December 9, 1947. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 2 pp.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Letter from Abram B. Stravitsky to Mrs. O. R. (Beatrice) Wulf, Secretary to LP RE: Says a note from the editor of “Bacteriological Reviews” has prompted him to ask the progress of his review, and says they like Cleveland very much. [Letter from Wulf to Stravitsky December 16, 1947] [Filed under LP Correspondence: 378.1]
  • Letter from Dr. Albert Einstein, Chairman, Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, to James H. McGill. Thanks him for his generous donation and the work he and Dr. Kretzmann are planning to do. Writes that he believes Dr. Urey will be able to attend his meeting. Also writes that 50 copies of the requested article have been sent to him. [Letter from Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists to McGill, June 18, 1946] LP Peace: Box 3.005, Folder 5.5
  • Letter from K. Hilding Beij, General Secretary, American Geophysical Union Executive Committee, to LP RE: Informs him that the first post-war General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics will be held from August 19-28 1948 in Oslo Norway. Also informs him that the 29th annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union will be held April 21-23 in Washington. [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #185.8, file:(I: Correspondence, 1947)]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. Robert Warfield, Bristol-Meyers Company, RE: Returns the copy of his manuscript to him, says that his ideas are interesting but can hardly be proved, explains too many special assumptions. Makes minor comments regarding spatial fit of ion groups, and how some of the arguments seem to indicate different conclusions than Warfield reached. Repeats that he is on the right track, but his conclusions are not shown by his arguments and have no justification presented. [Letter from Warfield to LP December 8, 1947] [Filed under LP Correspondence: 443.15]
  • Letter from W.H. Freeman, W. H. Freeman and Company to Dr. Lloyd E. Malm, Department of Chemistry, University of Utah cc: LP RE: Explains the contracts for his manual with Frantz will be sent out soon, asks his opinion on whether the qualitative section should be expanded. (Not finished).
  • Writes cheque to “Pasa Tuberculosis Assoc” $2.00 [LP Biographical: Business and Financial 4.073, folder 73.5, item 2]