"The Significance of Nuclear Energy." Page 1. April 11, 1947
"The Significance of Nuclear Energy." April 11, 1947. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 7 pp.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Letter from Bertil Lind to Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists. Encloses a donation to the committee. [Letter from Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists to Lind, April 11, 1947]. LP Peace: Box 3.005, Folder 5.3
  • Letter from Dr. Charles P. Smyth, Department of Chemistry, Princeton University to LP RE: Regrets to hear of LP's illness, understands the necessity of cancelling his talk, says they will consider it a postponement to another year, and hopes that he will stop by the laboratory when he visits. [Letters from LP to Smyth April 4, 1947, April 16, 1947] [Filed under LP Correspondence: 378.1]
  • Letter from E. Bright Wilson, Jr., Harvard University, to LP RE: Congratulates LP for being selected to receive the Richard's medal. Wilson is happy yet nervous as he was chosen to make the address, describing LP's life and work at the ceremony. Invites both he and AHP to stay with him during their visit. [Filed under: LP Speeches, 1947s.7]
  • Letter from E. J. Crane, to All Subscribers to Chemical Abstracts. RE: Informs them of the Fourth Decennial Index to Chemical Abstracts and its low price. [Filed under LP Science: American Chemical Society: Correspondence, 1943-1948: Box #14.003 Folder #3.3]
  • Letter from Henry Allen Moe, Guggenheim Foundation, to LP. RE: Encloses copies of letters exchanged with the British Ambassador. [Filed under LP Science: John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1946-1952: Box #14.014 Folder #14.2]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. John W. Parsons, North American Aviation Co., Aerophysics Laboratory, RE: Asks if Parsons still has the book “The Chemistry of Acetylene” that he checked out of the chemistry library. Requests that he return the book if he does still have it. Informs him that other books are waiting for him to pick up. [Filed under LP Correspondence: #312.12]
  • Letter from LP to Professor E. B. Wilson Jr., RE: LP encloses a bibliography and biographical sketch of himself that may be helpful in the speech he will be giving on May 8th. [Filed under: LP Speeches, 1947s.7]
  • Letter from Leonard Carmichael, Tufts College, to LP. RE: Discusses the possibility of nominating Roger Adams as president. [Filed under LP Science: National Academy of Sciences, 1945-1951: Box #14.019 Folder #19.2]
  • Letter from Prof. William N. Lacey, Professor of Chemical Engineering at Cal Tech to Dr. Fridolin J.C. Zwicky, cc: LP RE: Informs him of his acceptance to Cal Tech as a Research Fellow in Chemical Engineering for advanced study and research. Explains that they have a Fritz Zwicky working there as well, and the possibility of mail mix-ups, so urges him to impress upon his correspondents the need for his full name. Explains about living costs in Pasadena, and asks to be notified if he accepts the appointment offered. [Filed under LP Correspondence:468.5]
  • Letter from Ruth Brown, The Viking Press Inc., to LP RE: States they are sending a copy of ‘Explaining the Atom,' by Dr. Selig Hecht, and requests that LP write a comment on it which could be quoted in the book. [Letter from LP to Ruth Brown April 18, 1947] [Filed under LP Correspondence: 427.7]
  • Note from Prof. T. A. Geissman, Department of Chemistry, UCLA, to LP RE: Request LP read and comment on the enclosed manuscript, noting that it is in a preliminary form. Mentions he and Saul are still considering doing an organic text. [Letter from LP to Geissman April 10, 1947] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #140.11, file:(G: Correspondence, 1947)]