M.I.T. Lectures. Part 1 - Page 1. April 1932 - April 1933
M.I.T. Lectures. April 1932 - April 1933. Part 1 - Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 99 pp.

Travel: transit to Cambridge, MA

Activity Listings

  • Manuscript: Resonance of a Molecule among Several Electronic Structures and Interatomic Distances in Covalent Molecules, First Lecture, M.I.T. Lectures on Crystal Chemistry, Cambridge, Massachusetts, April 7, 1932. [LP Science Box 2.002, Folder 6/LP Speeches 1932s.13]
  • Note from T. W. J. Taylor to LP RE: Taylor regrets that LP cannot come to England this year. He thinks LP's prediction in his paper in the March issue of the J. A. C. S. about the anion [Mo(CN)6] cannot be fulfilled and goes on to explain his reasoning. [Filed under T: Individual Correspondence, Box #405.7]