Berkeley Lectures. Page 24. February - March 1932
Berkeley Lectures. February - March 1932. Page 24  Larger Images / More Information. 57 pp.

Travel: Berkeley, CA

Activity Listings

  • Manuscript: Slater's Treatment of Molecules, Seventh Lecture, Berkeley Lectures — Resonance of a Molecule among Several Lewis Electronic Structures, University of California, Berkeley, March 14, 1932. [LP Science Box 2.002, Folder 5/LP Speeches 1932s.7]
  • Note from Bright Wilson Jr. To LP RE: Regrets to say that he has rushed on the calculations for HCl, Hbr, and HI and thus has not eliminated all of the errors. Apologizes for the delay. [Wilson' next letter: April 20, 1932] [Filed under: W: Individual Correspondence, Box #438.5]