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Weber, Mrs. Herman, December 3, 1947

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You mention, - "danger of starting a chain reaction of a scope great enough to destroy part or all of this planet.  I dismiss this on the ground that if it could happen from a man-made atomic explosion it would have happen from a the action of the cosmic rays which are continually reaching the earth's surface. "  That remark hardly seems compatible with a scientific imagination.  Naturally there are forces which would counter-act such a possibility but it is also possible that man might intentionally, or accidentally, overcome these counteracting forces or conditions, and equally, or even more, probable, that certain conditions or forces which we do not now understand, will in time work to that end.  Even before this "atomic age" I have wondered if the literal fulfillment of Bible prophecy, in regard to the destruction of earth, would be entirely "an act of God," or whether Man's own choices and acts would be allowed to be the deciding physical fa tor of such a cosmic catastrophe.  
  I quite agree with your committee that a campaign of education is necessary that people shall realized the potential possibilities for good and worthwhile uses of atomic energy, but we must also have spiritual insight and vision and love of God and of our fellowmen in order

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