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Weber, Mrs. Herman, December 3, 1947

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have the will to use anything for good.  Only when we balance our scientific knowledge of physical things, such as atomic power and energy, with an equal or greater knowledge of spiritual power and energy, live and goodwill, will we ever make the choices of good and worthwhile uses of all the things which can be blessings if used righteously.  The enclosed card expresses somewhat of what we need and what we must do.  We must pray and seek as earnestly and unceasingly for the knowledge of spiritual energy, "for the outpouring of the Divine Spirit" upon ourselves and others, as atomic scientists sought for the knowledge of atomic energy.  
  I would like to know more concerning the work of your committee, and of the associated committee and of the scientists and other connected with each committee.  Also I hope that the "Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists", and other educational literature and information, are sent to those sending gifts as it seems to me that would be one effective means of spreading information, and, as you pamphlet states, "taking home to the people - the simple facts of atomic energy and their tremendous implications for world peace or world destruction."  
                                          Mrs. Herman Weber

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