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Weber, Mrs. Herman, December 3, 1947

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Kendall, Wisconsin December 3, 1947

Albert Einstein, Chairman, Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, Inc., 90 Nassau Street, Princeton, New Jersey.

Dear Dr. Einstein:- Your appeal for help in your "campaign of education to ensure that atomic energy will be used for the benefit of mankind and not for humanity's destruction", received, and enclosed find check for Twenty -Five Dollars ($25.00) which is rather more than we can afford in one sense, but we can not afford not to do everything possible to atomic energy to worthwhile uses, to constructive uses, instead of destructive uses.  So many worthwhile things, conceived with the idea of benefiting the world have been taken over by evil men and forces and used for material, or spiritual, destruction, or both, so perhaps the very fact that atomic energy was brought forth for evil will arouse Christians and thinking people to earnestly and urgently dedicate and use it for good instead of evil.  
  I have not time to write all I would like, but would like to comment briefly upon a few things.

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