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Photograph annotated: "Firing of the first atomic shell in the Armies [sic] first atomic canon at the N.P.G."

Printed pictorial "diploma," certifying that "Charter Heslep Participated in Operation Teapot at Nevada Test Site." The diploma bears the facsimile signature of the various directors of the operation, and the actual penned signature of Richard G.…

"These captive, helium-filled 'Kytoon' balloons are used to obtain information concerning air pressure, temperature and humidity, as well as other meteorological data during the atomic test periods at the Nevada Proving Grounds. Sent aloft before…

Photograph of a mushroom cloud over the Pacific Ocean.

Sign reads: "This is NEWS NOB where on April 22, 1952, the American Press & Radio first covered, and the Nation first viewed by the medium of Television, the firing of a nuclear device generally known as 'Operation Big Shot.'
"NEWS NOB received its…

Color photograph of an [early morning?] bomb test at an American Southwest test site.

Photograph of a bomb test at the Nevada Testing Ground.

Photograph of a mushroom cloud against a blue sky.

"One of the largest mushrooms ever seen from Las Vegas rises 40,000 feet over the Nevada Test Site 65 miles away at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday seconds after detonation of the fifth atomic device in current Series. Device was detonated from a helium balloon…