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[When Peavy Hall was built] they didn't have any women forestry students, and I'm not sure they had any women in forestry faculty, probably not … the women's bathrooms were for the secretarial staff. As the composition of the College of Forestry changed, they had to convert a bunch of men's bathrooms into women's bathrooms, just so we'd have the facilities we needed.

~ Becky Johnson

The Women's Building

The Women's Building, ca. 1925

[Physical activities] were all in the Women's Building. [According to Dr. Eva Seen, Head, Department of Physical Education], as you enter that building, notice the steps are very wide and very shallow, and that was so women could be very ladylike in climbing the steps to the lobby.

~ Sylvia Moore

Eva Seen

Eva Seen, ca. 1950s

I was very nervous and scared to go to the Pride Center....I hang out there all the time now, but the first couple of times I was terrified. [This was after] three years of online abuse, from people saying “you don’t deserve to live,” “you don’t deserve to be here,” “what are you doing in these spaces” ... so I thought that was an actual thing that I’d face when I walked into the Pride Center. Thankfully, that has not been the case, but [it is] always there in the back of my head.

~ Maggie [OSU student and "Consent is Asexy" panelist]

A female OAC student in her dorm room

A female OAC student in her dorm room, ca. 1922