The Scientific War Work of Linus C. Pauling Narrative  
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The Mission
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After a great deal of discussion and correspondence with Vannevar Bush, the committee developed the following course of research:

1. Comparative studies of different propellants with the same gun and projectile, the weight of charge being varied and the muzzle velocity of projectile held at the same high value.

2. Studies of dependence of erosion on the chamber volume and shape for a given propellant, the weight of charge being varied to produce constant muzzle velocity.

3. The development and testing of accelerated methods of comparing erosive powers of propellants; these studies to be carried out at first on existent propellants, including the standard American service powders and available foreign powders, and later on new powders developed under the NDRC program.

The committee intended to contract research teams and manufacturers to develop the appropriate instruments for measuring propellant attributes, after which it would then embark on a comprehensive study of powders used by both Allied and Axis forces. This data in hand, the committee would then recommend future courses of study into propellant manufacturing.

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See Also: "Report of The Ad Hoc Committee on Internal Ballistics of the National Defense Research Committee." September 29, 1942. 

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Conceptual sketch of a Rheinbote RHF 261/2 Long Range Multi-Stage Rocket. approx. 1945.

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Rough draft of a resolution passed by the Ad Hoc Committee on Internal Ballistics. September 12, 1942.

"Pauling finally felt he was going to be able to do something positive to fight the Nazis, and he listened eagerly as a group of military officers presented the researchers with a wish list of needed breakthroughs, including new medicines, better explosives, and more accurate monitoring and detection devices."

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