Selected Highlights

Book 02 - "I love you" annotation by Ava Helen Pauling.

Book 03 - Research notes written by Ava Helen Pauling [Ava Helen was, for a short time, one of Linus Pauling's laboratory research assistants during his early years at Caltech].

Early books [01-13] - Research notes re: the structure of crystals; this work informed Pauling's eventual publication of The Nature of the Chemical Bond, one of the seminal texts of modern science.

Books 14, 24, 28 - Interesting research notes on Pauling's important protein structure work.

Book 16 - Notes re: explosion in Pauling's lab, 1939.

Book 17 - First notes on superconductivity.

Book 19 - First notes on Pauling's theory of anesthesia [He considered this to be one of the more overlooked facets of his scientific career].

Book 19 - Notes re: Ava Helen's cancer diagnosis; Notes re: car wreck involving Ava Helen.

Books 22 and 35b - Extensive notes on the writing and editing of Pauling's influential text, College Chemistry.

Book 23 - Assorted notes on the construction and maintenance of, and the Paulings' life at, Deer Flat Ranch, Big Sur, California.

Book 24 - Notes re: Linus and Ava Helen Pauling's diet; notes re: Linus and Ava Helen Pauling's Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Book 31 - First notes on Vitamin C and the Common Cold.

Book 31 - Full and unpublished Pauling manuscript on bond lengths.

Books 42 and 43 - Notes re: possible treatment of AIDS with vitamins.

Book 43 - "An Open Letter to President Bush" [re: Gulf War].

Book 44 - Notes re: Pauling's cancer diagnosis.

Later books [40-46] - Extensive notes re: LP's theory of the structure of atomic nuclei [He also considered this work to have been underrated/overlooked]; Later books also include extensive LP research notes on the treatment of cancer with vitamins.

Throughout the entirety of the research notebooks, Pauling has made numerous and sundry autobiographical entries. There are also many instances in which Pauling has sketched out proposed lines of research that were or were not eventually followed.

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