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Albert Einstein.
Albert Einstein. 1950s.
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Albert Einstein


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"There is no foreseeable defense against atomic bombs... America has a temporary superiority in armaments, but it is certain that we have no lasting secret. What nature tells one group of men, she will tell in time to any group interested and patient enough in asking the questions."

Albert Einstein. "The Real Problem is in the Hearts of Men," New York Times Sunday Magazine. June 23, 1946.

"The fact that independent minds like you are being rebuked equally by official America and official Russia is significant and, to a certain degree, also amusing."

Albert Einstein. Letter to Linus Pauling. May 21, 1952.

"I made one great mistake in my life, when I signed a letter to President Roosevelt recommending that atom bombs be made."

Albert Einstein. Recounted by Linus Pauling in a July 28, 1969 letter to Ronald W. Clark. November 16, 1954.

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