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"Break Thru."
"Break Thru." 1967.
Produced by Anglican and United Churches.

Science and International Law. (0:56)

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Narrator: The United Nations. Can we unite all nations if they are not all represented? Linus Pauling, Chemist, Santa Barbara, California.

Linus Pauling: We need to have all governments, all countries, in the United Nations. In general, to build up the system of world law, to develop it so that it is not necessary that there be a bloody revolution in a country in order to get rid of an oppressive and dictatorial government.

Narrator: Science and technology play a big part in international relationships. Sometimes scientists can influence nations about their use. Dr. Pauling.

Linus Pauling: Nineteen forty-six I became involved in fighting for the control of nuclear weapons, when I joined Einstein and half a dozen other scientists in the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists.


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