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Louis Budenz
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Lee DuBridge
Albert Einstein
Stephen Fritchman
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Willard Libby
Robert Oppenheimer
Ava Helen Pauling
Linus Pauling
Bertrand Russell
Albert Schweitzer
Albert Szent-Györgyi
Leó Szilárd
Edward Teller
Dalton Trumbo
Harold Urey
Henry A. Wallace
Sidney Weinbaum

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Portrait of Lee A. DuBridge.
Portrait of Lee A. DuBridge. 1948.
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Lee DuBridge


Lee A. DuBridge papers, 1932-1986
Location: California Institute of Technology. Archives.
Address: Pasadena, California 91125
Size: 102 linear ft.
Finding Aid:
Phone: 626-395-2704  Fax: 626-793-8756
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"It is not the job of the scientist to be primarily a politician, a sociologist, a military leader or a preacher... [But] the scientist or engineer -- like every other human being -- bears also the responsibility of being a useful member of his community...and should speak on issues which can be addressed with competence – including joining hands with other citizens when called to tasks of peace."

Lee A. DuBridge. "The Responsibility of the Scientist," California Institute Forum (1): 1-8. 1947.

"I am overcome with astonishment to learn that I am to receive the Medal of Merit -- very pleased, of course; but I have not considered that my work justified the award. I assure that nothing will interfere with my being present on Monday afternoon, October 4."

Linus Pauling. Letter to Lee DuBridge. September 21, 1948.

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