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Louis Budenz
Louis Budenz, March 6, 1956.
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Louis Budenz


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"Uncover a red doing his stuff on a college faculty and a hue and cry is raised over 'academic freedom,' as though these people had a God-given right to infect our children with their made-in-Moscow virus....We should understand that this 'cause of peace' as peddled by the reds is the destruction of the government of the United States"

Louis Budenz. "Do Colleges Have to Hire Red Professors?" American Legion magazine. November 1951.

"He deserves the laurels he has received from the communists, and the fact that he is an atomic physicist in one of our leading universities on the west coast is something to think over seriously. The recent condemnation by Moscow of Dr. Pauling’s celebrated 'resonance theory' in chemistry does not seem to have dimmed his ardor on behalf of Stalinite causes."

Louis Budenz. "Do Colleges Have to Hire Red Professors?" American Legion magazine. November 1951.

"In connection with Dr. Pauling's many memberships on Communist fronts, I was officially advised a number of times in the...Forties, that he was a member of the Communist Party under discipline. The Communist leaders expressed the highest admiration and confidence in Dr. Pauling."

Louis Budenz. Testimony before the House Select Committee on Foundations. December 23, 1952.

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