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"Linus Pauling, Crusading Scientist."
"Linus Pauling, Crusading Scientist." 1977.
Produced for NOVA by Robert Richter/WGBH-Boston.

Pauling's Evolution as a Spokesman for Peace. (1:22)

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Linus Pauling: In the period from, perhaps, 1950 on, I began to develop the feeling that in this field of international affairs there weren't just a few outstanding people whose opinions everybody else ought to accept. But that instead other people, whose backgrounds might be different, could get involved in a useful and helpful way. And I decided...that after I had spent perhaps ten years, thinking, spending half of my time, probably, on world affairs...and nuclear weapons -- the nature of nuclear war, radioactive fallout and its biological effects, things of that sort -- I had developed to the point...where my opinion needed to be taken seriously. And that I shouldn't accept a statement such as [Lee] DuBridge made to me, that I might know a great deal about chemistry but that didn't mean that my opinion had any value in other fields.


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Creator: Robert Richter, WGBH-Boston
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