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William T. Astbury
Oswald T. Avery
Sir William Lawrence Bragg
Erwin Chargaff
Martha Chase
Robert B. Corey
Francis H. C. Crick
Max Delbrück
Jerry Donohue
Rosalind Franklin
R. D. B. (Bruce) Fraser
Alfred D. Hershey
Linus Pauling
Peter J. Pauling
Max F. Perutz
J. T. (John Turton) Randall
Verner Schomaker
Alexander R. Todd
James D. Watson
Maurice H. F. Wilkins

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Portrait of John Turton Randall.
Portrait of John Turton Randall. May 5, 1970.
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J. T. (John Turton) Randall


The Papers of Sir John Randall
Location: Churchill Archives Center, Churchill College
Address: Cambridge, CB3 0DS, United Kingdom
Size: 19 boxes
Finding Aid:
Phone: 44-1223-336087  Fax: 44-1223-336135
Email:  Web:

Sir John Turton (1905-1984) Randall Collection
Location: College Archives, King's College London
Address: Strand, London WC2R 2LS, United Kingdom
Size: 1 box
Finding Aid:
Phone: 44-020-7836-5454  Fax: 44-020-7848-2760
Email:  Web:



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"I hope you'll write to Prof. J. T. Randall, Kings College, Strand, London. His coworker, Dr. M. Wilkins, told me he had some good fibre pictures of nucleic acid."

Gerald Oster. Letter to Linus Pauling. August 9, 1951.

"Rosalind Franklin was a very intelligent woman, but she really had no reason for believing that DNA was particularly important. She was trained in physical chemistry. I don't think she'd ever spent any length of time with people who thought DNA was important. And she certainly didn't talk to Maurice [Wilkins] or to John Randall, then the professor at Kings."

James Watson. Nature, 302: 653. April 1983.

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