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Group photo of participants in the Pasadena Conference on the Structure of Proteins. September 1953.

Group photo of participants in the Pasadena Conference on the Structure of Proteins.

Pauling's listing of those pictured is as follows: "[Across the Back] Wilson / Perutz / Schomaker / Watson / Dunitz / Huxley / Crick / Marsh / Pasternak / Schroeder / Lindley / Trueblood / Bruchner / Huggins / Pepinsky / Palmer / Rollett / Riley / Luzzate / Freeman / Beadle / Davies / Tyler / [Across the Front] Wilkins / Kendrew / Rich / Magdoff / King / Pauling / Krimm / Corey / Harker / Sutherland / Astbury / Bear / Bragg / Patterson / Edsall / Schmitt / MacArthur / Furnas / Randall / Elliott / Low / Itano / Trotter / Hughes." Courtesy of the Archives, California Institute of Technology.

Associated: J. Norton Wilson, Max Perutz, Verner Schomaker, James D. Watson, Jack Dunitz, Julian Huxley, Francis Crick, Richard E. Marsh, Rafael Pasternak, Walter A. Schroeder, Hugh Lindley, Kenneth N. Trueblood, Hans Joachim Brüchner, Maurice Huggins, Ray Pepinsky, Kenneth J. Palmer, John S. Rollett, D.P. Riley, V. Luzzate, Hans Freeman, George Beadle, David R. Davies, Albert Tyler, Maurice Wilkins, John Kendrew, Alexander Rich, B. S. Magdoff, Murray Vernon King, Linus Pauling, Samuel Krimm, Robert Corey, David Harker, G. B. B. M. Sutherland, William Astbury, Richard Bear, W.L. Bragg, A. Lindo Patterson, John T. Edsall, Francis O. Schmitt, Ian MacArthur, C. C. Furnas, J.T. Randall, Norman Elliott, Barbara Low, Harvey Itano, I. F. Trotter, Edward W. Hughes

Date: September 1953
Genre: photographs
ID: 1953i.19
Copyright: More Information

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