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William T. Astbury
Oswald T. Avery
Sir William Lawrence Bragg
Erwin Chargaff
Martha Chase
Robert B. Corey
Francis H. C. Crick
Max Delbrück
Jerry Donohue
Rosalind Franklin
R. D. B. (Bruce) Fraser
Alfred D. Hershey
Linus Pauling
Peter J. Pauling
Max F. Perutz
J. T. (John Turton) Randall
Verner Schomaker
Alexander R. Todd
James D. Watson
Maurice H. F. Wilkins

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Portrait of Alfred D. Hershey.
Portrait of Alfred D. Hershey. 1960.
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Alfred D. Hershey

Former primary affiliations:
Washington University, Carnegie Institution for Science


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"When asked what his idea of happiness would be, [Hershey] replied, 'to have an experiment that works, and do it over and over again.'"

Jonathan Hodgkin. Review of We Can Sleep Later: Alfred D. Hershey and the Origins of Molecular Biology. Nature Cell Biology 3: E77. March 2001.

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