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William T. Astbury
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R. D. B. (Bruce) Fraser
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Linus Pauling
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Max F. Perutz
J. T. (John Turton) Randall
Verner Schomaker
Alexander R. Todd
James D. Watson
Maurice H. F. Wilkins

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Portrait of R. D. B. "Bruce" Fraser.
Portrait of R. D. B. "Bruce" Fraser. 1951.
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R. D. B. (Bruce) Fraser


Address: 28 Satinay Drive, Noosa Parklands, Tewantin, Queensland 4565, Australia  


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"In 1953 Maurice [Wilkins] cabled me in Australia to write a note from him to submit to Nature setting out details of my 1951 structure, but unfortunately he never sent it off...I managed to recover a copy of the 'note that was never sent' from Maurice. Unfortunately he could not locate the diagrams and I did not make copies (remember this was before the days of photocopiers!)"

R. D. B. Fraser. Personal communication with the OSU Libraries Special Collections. October 31, 2002.

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