Letter from Linus Pauling to John Eiler. Page 1. December 13, 1945
Letter from Linus Pauling to John Eiler. December 13, 1945. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Letter from G. F. Hussey, Jr, Rear Admiral, US Navy, Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance RE: States it is with great pleasure to give LP the Naval Ordnance Development Award in recognition of his exceptional service to the research and development of naval ordnance. [Filed under LP Biographical: Political Issues: LP Passport Problems, 1945-1952: Box #2.002, Folder 2.1]
  • Letter from John J. Eiler, College of Pharmacy, University of California to LP. Encloses [enclosure absent] mimeographed material representing Caltech letter which has been sent to about seventy-five biologists and chemists in the Bay Region. Adds information about a Northern California Association of Scientists formed to carry out Federation of Atomic Scientists activities. LP Peace: Box 4.009, Folder 9.2
  • Letter from LP to Colonel James Roosevelt RE: States that he is willing to be a member of the original sponsoring committee for the presentation of Colonel Evans Carlson as a candidate for senator. Comments on the positive character of Carlson and states he could attend a meeting anywhere in California within the next six weeks. [Letter from Colonel James Roosevelt to LP December 3, 1945] [Filed under LP Correspondence: #340.10]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. Cornelius A. Tobias, University of California. RE: Enclosed two statements about the Pauling Oxygen meter. Informs him that nothing has been published yet. [Letter from Tobias to LP December 10, 1945] [Filed under LP Science: Scientific War Work - Materials re: the Pauling Oxygen Meter, 1940-1947: Box #13.001 Folder #1.2]
  • Letter from LP to John A. Behnke, W.B. Saunders Company, RE: LP thanks Behnke for his letter and says that he hopes to have made a definite arrangement about the publication of his book before the end of winder. [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Books, 1947b5.17]
  • Letter from LP to Mr. George W. Standart RE: Suggests that Standart apply for admission and an appointment as a graduate assistant at MIT, and that he consider studying at Caltech under Professors Lacey and Sage. [Note from George W. Standart to LP December 3, 1945] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (S: Correspondence, 1945), #377.15]
  • Letter from LP to Prof. C. B. Van Niel, Hopkins Marine Station, RE: Suggests that Van Niel come with his family and possibly place an ad in the paper for a house exchange. Invites the Van Niels to stay with him and AHP if they make a house-hunting trip. [Letter from C. B. Van Niel to LP December 6, 1945] [Filed under LP Correspondence: #423.1]
  • Letter from LP to W.L. Butler, J.W. Stacey, Inc., RE: LP was pleased to receive Butler's letter and agrees that Behnke's offer is a generous one. He has written to Behnke and hopes to have some arrangement made before winter. [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Books, 1947b5.18]
  • Memorandum from Homer Smith to LP RE: Informs him of the date, time, and location of the meeting of the Committee Supporting the Bush Report. [Filed under Correspondence: Box #34.3, file:(Correspondence, Notes re: Science -- The Endless Frontier; A Report to the President, 1945)]
  • Receipt for sending classified report from LP to Dr. Louise Kelley. [Filed under LP Science: Assorted LP War Work, 1940-1946: Box #13.006 Folder #6.1]
  • Receipt of classified final report sent from LP to Robert Kuapp. [Filed under LP Science: Assorted LP War Work, 1940-1946: Box #13.006 Folder #6.1]
  • United States Navy Bureau of Ordinance, Naval Ordinance Development Award, Pin, Certificate, December 10, 1945. [Filed under LP Awards & Honors: 1945h.3]