Letter from Linus Pauling to Warren Weaver. Page 1. March 25, 1942
Letter from Linus Pauling to Warren Weaver. March 25, 1942. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 2 pp.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Letter from Dr. Henry P. Treffers, College of Physicians and Surgeons, to LP. RE: Will consider LP's offer. [Letter from LP to Treffers March 25, 1942, Letter from Treffers to LP April 4, 1942] [Filed under LP Science: Materials re: Antibody and Antigen Research; the Nature of Serological Reactions, 1940-1947, 1950-1952, 1973, 1986: Box #7.001 Folder #1.1]
  • Letter from LP to L. L. Davis, Manufacturing Department, Continental Oil Company. RE: Encloses a description of the Pauling Oxygen Meter. Gives details of its intended use. [Filed under LP Science: Scientific War Work - Materials re: the Pauling Oxygen Meter, 1942-1950: Box #13.002 Folder #2.3]
  • Letter from W. S. Schaefer, Cornell University Press, to LP. RE: Schaefer telling LP that he is somewhat disappointed that he has decided to not go ahead with the revision at this time. But he understands that the circumstances that prompted the decision are adequate. He would like the list of corrections that the first edition needs completed before the reprint by June 1st. [Filed under: LP Manuscripts of Books, 1939b.2]
  • Writes cheque to "Mira Loma Water Co." $3.98 [LP Biographical: Business and Financial 4.072, folder 72.4]
  • Writes cheque to "Mira Loma Water Co.," $3.98. [Filed under LP Biographical: Business and Financial, Box 4.016, Folder 16.2]