Notes re: "The Crystal Structure of Cadmium Iodide" Page 333. June 8, 1933
Notes re: "The Crystal Structure of Cadmium Iodide" June 8, 1933. Page 333  Larger Images / More Information. 2 pp.

Travel: Corvallis, OR

Activity Listings

  • "Oregon Men Honored at Oregon State College Commencement." Linus Pauling at OSU (Oregon Agricultural College) to receive an honorary doctorate of science. Pictured from left are Dr. Marvin Gordon Neale, president of the University of Idaho, David C. Henny, Linus Pauling, Chancellor W. J. Kerr, and Charles A. Howard, state superintendent of public instruction in Oregon. [Filed under LP Photographs, 1933i.1]
  • Clipping from The Corvallis Gazette-Times, "College Seniors Given Diplomas" RE: Article features LP's honorary degree from Oregon State College [LP Scrapbooks 6.002.18]
  • Letter from Arthur B. Lamb, Editor, Journal of the American Chemical Society to LP RE: Requests LP review the enclosed manuscript "The Spatial Configuration of the Valences in Tricovalent Carbon Compounds." [LP Science Box 14.002, Folder 2]
  • Oregon State College, Diploma, Honorary Doctor of Science, Programs [LP Awards and Honors 1933h.2]