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"Linus Pauling: A Century of Science and Life."

"Linus Pauling: A Century of Science and Life." 1988.
Produced by Cabisco Teleproductions.

The Nobel Chemistry Prize. (0:49)


Narrator: Although Dr. Pauling had considered the possibility of winning a Nobel Prize, he was surprised when, in 1954, he won that award for his work on the chemical bond.

Linus Pauling: As the years went by, I thought, "I don’t think I’m going to receive a Nobel Prize because as I look back, what is the big discovery I’ve made? I’ve made a large number of small discoveries and the Nobel Prize is supposed to be given not for a person’s life work but for a single discovery." So I was rather surprised in 1954 when I received notice of the award of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.


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