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"Linus Pauling: A Century of Science and Life."

"Linus Pauling: A Century of Science and Life." 1988.
Produced by Cabisco Teleproductions.

X-Ray Crystallography. (1:16)


Narrator: Dr. Pauling feels that his experiments in x-ray crystallography helped develop his understanding of the atom.

Linus Pauling: I was very fortunate in having A.A. Noyes suggest to me, or tell me, that I was to work with Roscoe Dickinson on x-ray crystallography, determination of the structure of crystals by x-ray diffraction. This technique gave for the first time detailed information about how atoms are related to other atoms in a crystal and how far apart they are from the other atoms. I was happy to be working the way I was, making perhaps small discoveries about the structure of molybdenite and other minerals and inorganic compounds. And I was eager to understand chemistry better than it was understood in that early period but I didn’t have the idea, I think, that I was going to be the person that clarified this whole question about the chemical bond.


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