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"Linus Pauling: A Century of Science and Life."

"Linus Pauling: A Century of Science and Life." 1988.
Produced by Cabisco Teleproductions.

A Great Achievement. (0:58)


Narrator: For more than seventy years, Dr. Pauling has been solving problems related to chemistry. His career has been rewarding to Dr. Pauling, and his contributions to science and health have enriched us all.

Linus Pauling: With respect to the chemical bond, the discovery of hybridization of bond orbitals is one that I have put pretty high because when I discovered this, I had had the idea, three or four years before, but the equations were so complicated that although I mentioned it in a paper in 1928, I didn’t then go on and publish a detailed paper until 1931, February I think, March 1931, when I had found a simple way of discussing the problem.


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