Life on the Ranch

Thomas Searcy built the home that his family of ten lived in.  In addition to raising sheep, cattle and chickens, the Searcys had milk cows, a large garden, a fruit tree orchard, a cellar and a smoke house for preserving meat and vegetables.  They stored dry grains and flour made from the wheat they grew.  The ranch enabled the family to be self sufficient, only having to buy items like sugar, baking soda and spices.

Thomas and Lena Searcy with children

Thomas and Lena Searcy with their two oldest children, Nina Olive and Phillip Thomas, in front of their home in 1898.

Morris and Owen Searcy portrait

Portrait of Searcy children Morris Lee (seated) and Owen Lester in about 1909

Thomas and Lena Searcy and family at farm house

The Searcy Family at the farm house back row: Chester, Owen, Philip, John front row: Lena, Thomas (holding Helen), Morris, Nina

Moro High School Basketball Players

Moro High School basketball players.  Seral Searcy on far left, John Searcy on far right.

Several of the Searcy boys were athletes.  They participated in baseball and basketball through their years at Moro High School.

Moro High School baseball team

Moro High School baseball team. Chester Searcy, far left. John Searcy, second from right.

The boys also fished and hunted rabbit and grouse.  During migration season, ducks and geese would be hunted when they landed on the property's ponds.

Searcy boys with fish

Owen (left) and Chester (right) holding a string of fish.

Chester and Owen Searcy with Model T Ford

Owen and Chester at the Sherman and Wasco County cornerstone.