Life on the Ranch 2

Both Philip and Seral Searcy were World War I veterans.  Philip was in the army.  The war ended before he was ready to be sent overseas.  

In the navy, Seral was stationed on a ship that patroled the U.S. Pacific Northwest coast.

After the war, Philip returned to the ranch to continue farming.  Seral went on to Oregon Agricultural College in Corvallis and earned his degree in commerce.

Philip and Seral Searcy in WWI uniforms

Philip Searcy (left) and Seral Searcy (right) in their WWI uniforms, 1918.  Philip served in the army and Seral was in the navy.

John Searcy at school house

John Searcy at the school house

The one-room Boardman School was two miles from the Searcy Ranch.  By eighth grade, Morris would drive a one horse cart to get himself and younger sister Helen to school.

Morris Searcy at school house

Morris Searcy at the school house

Chester Searcy on the family farm

Chester Searcy (Chet) at home on the family farm

Owen, Helen and Chester Searcy on the family farm

Owen Searcy (left) with Chet holding Helen

Owen, Helen and Philip Searcy at the family farm house

Owen, Helen and Philip Searcy at home

Searcy Family Group Shot

Lena Searcy with all her children.  Front row: Nina Pinkerton, Lena, Helen Ruggles.  Back row: Philp, John, Seral, Owen, Chester, and Morris Searcy.

For more on Life on the Ranch, link to articles by Lena Shelton Searcy and Helen Searcy Ruggles in Sherman County Historical Society's publication, Sherman County: For the Record, volume 12, number 1. Spring 1994. Click on image once, then again on the next page to access the full content.

Life on the Ranch 2