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Credits & Acknowledgments

The McDonald Collection, and by extension this exhibit, are the result of nearly a century of contributions from the OSU community and staff.  The Special Collections & Archives Research Center would like to offer sincere thanks to the individuals who, since 1935, have donated materials and funds to the McDonald Rare Book and Manuscript Collection.  Likewise, acknowledgement goes to the small army of librarians, technicians, and student workers who have collected, repaired, and maintained the collection's holdings over the past seventy years, ensuring their continuing presence for future library patrons.

Special thanks to Christy Turner whose ingenious marriage of elements from both Diderot's Encyclopédie and Mary McDonald's personal bookplate resulted in this website's graphical appearance. Further recognition goes to Christy for her contribution of the website's more than one hundred illustrative photographs.  Additional thanks go to Ryan Wick whose technical know-how made the design and launch of this site possible, and Chris Petersen for his invaluable practical and editorial advice.  Narrative content, illustration selection, and image metadata was supplied by Trevor Sandgathe.

This website is a product of the OSU Libraries Special Collections & Archives Research Center staff including department director Larry Landis, Karl McCreary, Tiah Edmunson-Morton, Natalia Fernandez, Elizabeth Nielsen, Chris Petersen, Trevor Sandgathe, Ruth Vondracek, and Ryan Wick.

Release date: January 11, 2012