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Bob Olson Oral History Interview. November 14, 2014

Bob Olson Oral History Interview

Life history interview conducted by Mike Dicianna.

November 14, 2014

Location:  Valley Library, Oregon State University.

Bob Olson (b. 1940) is a parasitologist and emeritus member of the OSU Fisheries and Wildlife faculty, who has taught and conducted research at the Hatfield Marine Science Center since his arrival in 1968. For nearly two decades, Olson was HMSC's Associate Director of Education Programs, and in this capacity oversaw both classroom instruction as well as public outreach through activities including the Seataqua Program. An expert on parasites that affect fish, Olson has received the unusual honor of having a parasite named after him - trypanoplasma bobolsoni. His interview concentrates on his teaching and research career at HMSC, as well as his observations of the forward evolution of HMSC as a facility and community partner over his five decades of affiliation.