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“Scientists Making Waves and Bringing Hope,” Dr. Jane Lubchenco

2016 Linus Pauling Legacy Award

April 26, 2016


Jane Lubchenco
Jane Lubchenco (Oregon State University)

“Scientists Making Waves and Bringing Hope”  Watch Video

In her lecture, Lubchenco details a collection of scientific activities and policy initiatives that are helping to rehabilitate the world's fisheries and that inspire hope for the health of the world's oceans moving forward.

In acknowledging the Pauling legacy at the beginning of her talk, Lubchenco points out that, while issues of peace and security were focused most prominently on the nuclear peril during Pauling's era, contemporary threats are somewhat different. Though concerns over nuclear weapons and nuclear war continue to loom large in the twenty-first century, more immediate dangers to humanity have arisen through the degradation of the environment, the loss of habitat, and the warming of the Earth's climate.

While very significant environmental problems need to be addressed promptly by the governments and citizens of the world, meaningful progress is being made with respect to the well-being of the world's oceans. Lubchenco's presentation focuses in particular on the positive impact that implementation of Rights-Based fisheries management policies have made in promoting sustainable fishing practices. The creation of marine reserves and the formation of international agreements to more strictly police and prosecute illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing, have likewise fostered a more stable marine environment in which the ocean's bounty might be rehabilitated and used more widely.

Lubchenco's remarks were followed by a fifteen minute question and answer session.

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